The Democrats Only Pretend to be Compassionate. Rebuttal to NYT Op Ed…

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entitled Republicans Only Pretend to be Patriots by Paul Krugman.

“And once a party has decided to do whatever it takes to prevail politically, there’s no reason to expect the foul play to stop at the water’s edge. If a party is willing to rig political outcomes by preventing minorities from voting, if it’s willing to use extreme gerrymandering to retain power even when voters reject it, why won’t it be equally willing to encourage foreign powers to subvert U.S. elections? A bit of treason is just part of the package.”

An excerpt from his hit piece on Republicans.  Typical kettle calling the kettle black again or as we now call it projection.  They project onto us what they are guilty of.  There has never been rigging political outcomes by preventing minorities from voting.  Shame on him for writing this lie.  “Whatever it takes to prevail politically” sounds exactly like what this whistleblower is doing.

This is a rebuttal to his lying OP ED.

Democrats Only Pretend to be Compassionate.

Is it compassionate to conduct third term abortions rather than get the mother some counseling and save a life? Is it compassionate to hand out needles to the homeless rather than help them with their addiction and get them off the streets? Is it compassionate to allow illegals to be released into the public to commit murder of our citizens in the name of sanctuary cities rather than turning them over to ICE for deporting?  Is it compassionate to allow homelessness to continue in our beautiful cities ruining taxpayers businesses and endangering the health of our citizens rather than finding a solution?  Is it compassionate to allow thugs to assault our police in the streets with buckets of water rather than arresting them?

I could go on and on but you get the point.  They claim to be compassionate and care about our country and its people but the proof’s in the pudding.  Everything they do is the opposite of that.

So when Krugman tries to call out our party as not being patriotic he needs to look himself in the mirror and stop lying.  His OP ED was nothing more than his wrong opinion and not fact based.  It was based on Democrat talking points (lies). Lies that they’re perpetuating so that people will think it’s true.

“Republicans positioned themselves as the champions of white, small-town America against people of color and cosmopolitan urban elites”

See how this writer lies?  Saying that we position ourselves against people of color is another way of saying that Republicans are racists.  Again with the racist accusation. Republicans are the party that freed the slaves and Trump has done more good for Blacks than any previous current president.

“But now we have a president who really is unpatriotic to the point of betraying American values and interests. We don’t know the full extent of Donald Trump’s malfeasance — we don’t know, for example, how much his policies have been shaped by the money foreign governments have been lavishing on his businesses.”

See how he lied?  Trump is supporting our American values and interests with “America First” policies. Trump donates his salary to America.  “Lavishing on his businesses” is another Democrat talking point.  Worthless article.

“After all, a true patriot is willing to make some sacrifice, to give up some personal or policy goal, in the national interest. Can anyone point to any prominent figure in the modern Republican Party who has done that?”

This is an insulting claim to all Republican veterans and those serving in our White House currently.  They have sacrificed their homelife, families, and their previous salaries to serve the country.  Another shameful comment. Not sure where he wants to go with that comment but if we compares apples to apples in both parties they’re probably equal in their sacrifice. I guess he’s referring to Trump not being a veteran but neither was Obama nor Clinton nor W.  Sometimes a man with experience in business is better suited for our country than experience in the military especially when it comes to financial aspects.

This guy is delusional and typical NYT OP ED writer. My question to this writer is:  Do you think it’s patriotic for prior lawyers of Hillary to be recruiting whistleblowers in the White House with the promise of money, anonymity, and defense?  Do you think these lawyers are being ethical and legal?  Do you think the whistleblower is patriotic to listen in or to interpret a president’s conversations? Don’t you think this whistleblower is nothing more than the Democrats last attempt to bring down Trump before the election by impeaching him?  After all, they said, “If we don’t impeach, he’ll win.”

Newspapers are becoming nothing more than The Enquirer.  They are filled with outright fabricated stories and left-sided biased opinions. There’s no room for conservative voice in our current newspapers or on our college campuses.  It’s a crying shame what has happened to journalism in America.  It’s more like communism–only one opinion is allowed and only anti-Republican stories are printed. It makes it hard for Trump to run the country when the press is against him.  Thus why he tweets.  Look at his feats not his tweets.

We need to “Make America Normal Again.”


Obama Loyalists Lingering, Listening, and Leaking.

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What kind of country are we that persistently attacks our own president?  Why can’t we act civil?  Who’s this Obama clinger/whistleblower listening to Trump’s phone calls and deciding on his own that Trump is making promises to other leaders?  Who’s he to decide what can be said to another leader?  As Trump says, “It’s just another political hack job.” The Deep State is alive and well.

No one ever treated Obama like this, nor Bush.  Can you even imagine a whistleblower squealing on Obama’s phone calls?  The media wouldn’t even report it, but they jump at the chance to report anything negative on Trump. Trump doesn’t deserve to be constantly hit with malicious accusations coming in every two days.  We all know they’re desperate now as they think they’ll lose in 2020 but where’s their integrity?  They have none.

The candidates for president are maligning Trump daily calling him a racist, White Supremacist, homophobic, and sexual predator.  They have no evidence to back up these claims, yet they continue to spew these vicious lies daily and other countries are hearing them.  Beto, Kamala, and Sanders are the biggest offenders.  They think they can tarnish Trump’s reputation by repeating these lies over and over.  It’s shameful.

Two days ago it was a hit job on Kavanaugh that fell flat.  And two days from now there will be another feminist or whistleblower making another outrageous accusation against Trump.  It is full court press from now on.  All I can say is I hope they’re getting paid well from Hillary and Soros.  Those two will stop at nothing to get Trump out.  Hillary is even claiming (again) that she would have won if the election was one day earlier.  In her dreams.

Trump is the only president with the courage to take on California’s homeless problem.  He’s going to use the EPA to investigate the toxins going into our ocean from the gutters of homeless camps.  It is genius.  California will get fined and maybe finally do something about this crisis.

And where are the environmentalists during this crisis? They care about plastic straws but not feces, urine,  and needles flowing into the ocean.  They’re cowards with liberal bias like the ACLU.  They only intervene when it suits their narrative. And when the homeless camps get cleared out, the governor will take credit; he’s a loon who’ll never give Trump credit for nothing. He’s actually blaming the homelessness on Trump.  Outrageous!  Just like they blame the invasion at the border on Trump, which started under the Obama Administration and is funded and advertised by Soros.

These loons are trying to ruin America with the Climate Change hoax, border invasions, confiscation of guns, Medicare for all, Green New Deal, gender neutrality, packing the Supreme Court, and abolishing ICE and the Electoral College. They are metaphorically trying to shred our Constitution.

To accomplish this, they must rid our country of Trump who is the only one with the courage to protect us from this onslaught of crazy.  Let’s get our country back to normal again.  Maybe Trump’s new slogan should be: Make America Normal Again! I’d like to see us civil again too.