Man Saves Puppy From Jaws of Death.

When I saw this video on television I thought it was symbolic of the puppy being our presidential election being snatched by alligator Joe Biden, and the man who saved the puppy being the Supreme Court. This is where we’re heading. This is the outcome we all hope for. Our presidential election being rescued from the jaws of Joe Biden by the Supreme Court.

Kudos to the courageous man who jumped into the alligator-infested pond to save his precious puppy from a sure death roll under the water. This guy is the new Crocodile Dundee. This is the kind of guy that doesn’t fear covid, doesn’t think about death, but cares about his precious new family member enough to risk many things like quicksand, the alligator’s mommy, poisonous water snakes, flesh eating organisms, and leaches.

Sure the alligator was small but their teeth are extremely sharp and their jaw is powerful. The man surely cut his fingers getting this alligator’s mouth open, yet he stands with hat still on and cigar in mouth. Very impressive. He should be getting a hero’s award not cowardly Governor Cuomo who puts his career over the lives of thousands in his city. But Hollywood is backward or upside down as they can’t recognize good in people; they actually recognize bad as being good. They wear opposite glasses. This is why they never could see the good in Trump.

Let’s pray the Supreme Court is as brave at this man was; otherwise, we’re going to have a stolen puppy and a Commander and Thief.