Hillary’s Spygate is the New Hunter Laptopgate.

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The media running from Spygate Story.

Why you ask? Because the main stream media and social media are running from this story like a gazelle in the sight of a cheetah. RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN like we did with Hunter’s Laptop story before the last election, they are saying. They haven’t spent one smidgeon of airtime on Spygate. Not one. If not for conservative networks like FOX, Newsmax, and conservative radio, podcasts, and websites, one would not even hear or read of these outrageous allegations against Hillary.

According to the Appointed Special Counsel Durham Report, Hillary was behind hacking into the Trump Tower computer server during the campaign; and thereafter, his White House server to sabotage him by linking him to Russia. Someone on the inside at the White House had to have assisted in this breach and should be indicted. Whatever tech company that helped with these breaches should be indicted too (Zuckerberg). And whoever led the plan to spy on Trump should be indicted. This could go all the way to the top implementing Hillary, Obama, Rice, Jarred, Clapper et al. They spied and sabotaged Trump in ways never heard of in this country. This was Third World Country corruption and Hillary has her fingerprints and $$$$ all over it.

The FBI and CIA are involved and should be held accountable. The media that hyped ad nauseum Trump’s collusion with Russia should be held accountable as it was influencing an election (Leslie Stahl and Rachel Maddow). Mueller, who ignored facts staring him in the face, should be held accountable and the 30 million $$$$ his team charged should be returned to the government and Trump and his family awarded money for slander, pain, and suffering. Any information that came out of his three-year witch hunt is now considered “the fruit of the poisonous tree” because it was retrieved from an meritless accusation by Hillary and can never be used against Trump, however trivial it was. Garbage in; garbage out.

If Hillary et al could get away with this scandal in plain sight, then they could steal an election and plan a coup at the Capitol Building. They are all dirty rotten scoundrels. They are all in cahoots. I hope this is just the beginning of indictments that should have been served while Sessions and Barr were the AG, but they passed the buck to Durham.