Psaki Supports BLM and Antifa’s “Freedom to Assemble”…

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but they remain fearful of Trump supporters to assemble peacefully. The O’Biden Administration cannot for the life of them denounce Black Lives Matter or Antifa as they are the drones for the left. No matter what crimes they commit, they are treated with kid gloves and called “peaceful” and we support the freedom to assemble. They are stuck on Trump supporters as being the biggest threat to America which is a big lie.

This is why the FBI needs to be dismantled from the top down. They are misguided, if not, corrupt. They seem to be caught flatfooted when major crimes are committed. They blew off numerous warning signs before the Christmas bombing, the Capitol breach, and Parkland School Shooting, but jumped on the MAGA mugging hoax by Jussie Smollett. Why is that? I suspect they only jump on cases that involve racism or half of them suffer from TDS or they’re the arms of the Democrat Party. Regardless of their reasoning, they suck. I have lost all respect for the FBI. I think they have been corrupted by the likes of Obama, Comey, Brennan, Holder, and Clapper. And, if so, they are the “stand down” FBI which means they allow crimes to occur then come in afterwards to clean up. It is backwards. They should be thwarting crimes.

They’ve allowed police precincts and vehicles across America to get seized and burned. They’ve allowed cities to be taken over and stores to be looted and trashed. They’ve allowed thugs to throw bricks at the police. They’ve allowed innocent drivers to have their cars overtaken and destroyed and no one gets arrested. They’ve allowed restaurants, bars, and fast food joints to be broken into and burned while local police sat back and watched. I realize it is mostly up to the local police to stop these crimes; but when they don’t, it’s time for the FBI to come in and take over. Didn’t they watch Die Hard? FBI always comes in and takes over when a building or city is seized by anarchists.

This kind of behavior would never have been allowed to spread in past generations. This is becoming one of the weakest generations, as far as law and order, that I’ve ever lived in. Generation Snowflake. Appeasement begets disobedience. We’ve coddled these “participation trophy” kids from childhood on up and now are reaping the results. My parents and grandparents must be spinning in their graves.

People don’t feel safe to walk in a big city any longer. These thugs have no respect for life and, consequently, do not care when one is taken out. They will attack an elderly lady from behind for no reason. They are a product of poor upbringing and/or violent video games; and, ironically, some of them come from wealthy parents like professors, lawyers, and psychologists. Maybe their parents worked so hard that they weren’t home to discipline or maybe the schools they attended brainwashed them into hating America. Someone needs to get to the bottom of who’s in the BLM and Antifa and how did they end up there. I’m sure schools being closed have contributed to the problem. Idol hands are a devil’s workshop. Apparently idol brains are too.

Not one journalist or psychologist has been curious enough to interview any of these clowns. No one has done a study on them. I’d sure like to read up on some of them. But they sure like trying to misdiagnose Trump supporters though. Maybe the thugs refuse to be interviewed because they have a NDA with Soros. Who knows? But they’re in a cult, not Trump supporters. And the O’Biden Administration is disgustingly covering and condoning these violent groups. Psaki should be ashamed of herself. She sold out her integrity, if she ever had any.