Is it Double Standard or Reverse Discrimination?

R is for Reverse which is where we are heading.

The conservative media loves to complain about the double standard that the media is giving the Biden Administration compared to how they treated the Trump Administration. Or how the press core treats Pippi Psaki compared to Trump’s press secretaries. Or they call it hypocrisy. I’ve always called the way they treated Trump “reverse discrimination” as he was the first president to experience it.

He won his election fair and square before mail in ballots and fixed voting computer programs, but they called him a racist for four years because he REPLACED Obama and that had to be racist in their minds or at least sexist since he beat Hillary. They impeached him twice in the House for nothing. They conjured up phony Russia collusion and Ukraine hoaxes against Trump. All because Trump once asked for Obama’s birth certificate as we were all curious. So Obama came up with some forged looking document to appease his base. I never bought it. They’ve been calling Trump racist ever since. It wasn’t about his race, it was about his country of birth. Duh!

Now reverse discrimination is hitting us everywhere in the schools, the courts, the police department, the media, social media, and in general life experience. The benefit of the doubt is never given to the white cop only the black one by the media. It’s never given to the white suspect (Ashli Babbitt) only the black one (Breonna). In fact, they have covered up the name of the black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt.

White cops are “guilty until proven innocent.” Black rioters are arrested and released the same day. White peaceful demonstrators are gathered up, arrested, and held indefinitely. Black cops’ names are not released. Reverse discrimination rears it’s ugly head. If the media cannot see the difference in treatment, then they need their heads examined. Not a bad idea.

Back in the 70s when Affirmative Action began, it was obvious when a less qualified black got a position over the qualified white candidate, but we didn’t say anything. We were being nice. We let it go and now look where we’re at. How in the world did an off-putting, radical Kamala become VP?

The left is trying to rewrite our history to read that slaves built the United States, that our explorers like Columbus were evil, and our forefathers like Washington were racist. More and more we are seeing the favoritism by many in the media toward blacks and ignoring the white person or conservative who has done the same or more. Even in the American Idol show, the judges overly praise the black candidates boosting them into the finals. I’m not sure who is voting these days for AmIdol but they are missing the mark. Could be the same who voted for Biden. They ignore real talent and charisma and vote by identity politics which is not what the show is about. It has become politicized like everything else.

Martin Luther King said we should be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. The complete opposite is being done today.

We all see this happening everyday in the news, but the news anchors barely report it for what it is. It is usually brushed off as a double standard; but when you look deeper, it is reverse discrimination against whites or conservatives of any color. Whites are being separated from blacks at college graduation ceremonies. That’s reverse discrimination. That’s not uniting us like Biden promised. The media is trying to put a bad spin on U.S. history to make whites look evil but build up the black race. Young blacks are believing all this nonsense and thus why we have so much anger in the streets fueled by the likes of Biden/Harris and Obama’s comments.

We had the Black Panthers in the 60s and 70s but now it has morphed into a Marxist group known as Black Lives Matter. They do nothing to help the less fortunate black communities but rake in million$ to spend on more activism or fancy homes for themselves. We gave blacks an inch, they took more than a mile, and now the whites are looking for that same inch (courtesy) in return. No good deed goes unpunished. And boy, oh boy, are we being punished for nothing.

I miss Trump more and more each day. He needs to bring us back to normal. Not the new norm, just normal.


Missing Trump Today; More Than Ever.

We Need Him Back.

I feel at a loss to do anything about saving our country short of elections which are now considered fraudulent and will be from here on out. The lies we are hearing from the current administration are mounting and appalling. The way our police are being targeted and anyone that supports the police is disgraceful. The mixed messages about whether or not to wear a mask is derelict in duty to inform the public truthfully. And making our children wear them while keeping them out of school is child abuse! Now we are hearing the socialcrats won’t take off their masks for fear of being labeled a Republican (which is code for having common sense). Heaven forbid someone thinks they are smart. This is an example of biting off your nose to save your face–now called covering your face to save disgrace.

The sports commentators together with Hollywood and the media are covering for this lame brain president making me ask myself, “What world am I living in?” more often than I like. I can’t watch the commercials even. They are dumbing down America while having actors wearing masks. They are also making unnecessary public announcements warning us about attacks on Asians. But do they say who’s committing those attacks? No, of course not, because it is BLM and Antifa to appear like it is Trump supporters.

We are getting maligned and smeared across the board from social media to sports to the news and the newspapers. They are sending out subliminal, as well as blatant, messages that conservatives or Trump supporters should be eliminated while they are trying to make Biden look like a saint. Even Pelosi said she’d never forgive us. For what? Telling the truth? Then we have traitor Mitt Romney who is a disgrace to the GOP together with Liz Cheney. Those two need to go as well as Flipflop Fauci.

More and more I feel we are being run by a very, very corrupt government sounding more like communism than ever. But do we have any way to stop it? How can it be stopped when they have control of all our medias and the congress? And our former leaders and Supreme Court are cowardice and soon to be packed. I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of where we’re heading.

That’s why I miss President Trump and Rush Limbaugh daily. Trump was the most persecuted president in history; but was also the most successful, and therein lies their secret. The socialcrats don’t want our country to succeed nor any of its citizens. They want us to be a third world country like Venezuela. Why? So the richest of them can stay in power and make us all poor and dependent on them for every morsel of food.

Sounds like a villainous cartoon movie whereby Pelosi plays an evil queen dropping food over the gates of her castle to the poor. But is where we’re heading. Why else would they try to keep our children from learning in school? Why else would they increase unemployment checks making them higher than one received at work? They want us unemployed and dependent. We are their future dependents along with the illegals pouring in and the uneducated children whose parents are forced to stay home to watch them rather than to return to work.

It’s all part of their big plan which they have been scheming for years. It started with political correctness which we stupidly fell for then came the bioweapon unleashed from China which was the feather that broke our country’s back. We still haven’t heard the end to that scheme or who was behind it (cough) Gates, Fauci, Obama, Biden. We either didn’t see this takeover coming or stepped into it big time. That’s why I miss Trump more than ever, as he called them out for what they were. No holds barred. But it takes more than one man to defeat this takeover, and that’s why he’s out of power. He had no support from the governors, the courts, the judges, not even his own VP. It’s a crying shame. :'<(

Here’s How IT Will Go Down.

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Our future VP and future President.

Now that America and possibly the world knows that Biden is incapable of running the country as his mind is quickly spiraling downward into the depths of advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, his administration has to come up with an exit plan. The administration cannot say the “A” word but we all saw it prior to the election while the main stream, derelict in duty, covered for him. And now not only are they covering for him, they are shielding him from the media as well as dodging incoming sniper fire in the form of a barrage of questions.

Within two to three weeks time from now, the White House doctor, Jill, Kamala, Pippi, Nancy and others will come to the podium with serious countenances to make an important announcement that President Biden has fallen ill and will need to “step down.” This will send shockwaves through the ignorant press core and newspapers across the world but the feminists across America will roar in excitement for achieving their first female president, Kammie, and a female VP, Nancy. It’s a two for. The feminists never wanted Biden in the first place. He was just a placeholder for what is to come. I can almost envision this.

Don’t you think this has been Nancy’s plan all along? She needs power and what better way to get it, being the VP. One scandal away from being the president. I hope this prediction does not come to fruition (although it won’t matter which one of these leftists are running our country) but it sure looks like “the replacement” will probably be sooner than later as Biden is fading fast. The press will all feign sympathy for Biden, even FOX News, like they didn’t know his condition. It is all a charade. We are living in a fantasy world. We are being played for fools. We miss transparent President Trump.

My husband hates my predictions, but we don’t have Rush Limbaugh to foresee the future any longer. We have to channel Rush to see what he’d be foreseeing. And this is what I see. I may be out on a limb but not too far out on that limb. I feel it is going to happen soon because Biden is conducting sort of a “scorched Earth” exit even to the point of messing up all Trump’s peace in the Middle East while allowing in potential terrorists here from hotbed countries. He’s involved in another shady deal with Iran according to the foreign press.

Who would do all this damage in such short order? What’s his rush? He has four years to mess up our country. Only someone suffering from dementia that knows his time is about up. He’s probably doing Obama’s bidding before he exits so he can get the credit, not in a good way. Then Kammie will continue as she is even more radical and of sound mind. All in all, any which way we look at it, we are in for a world of hurt down the road. We are being played for fools. We miss peace-loving, transparent, America First, twitter active, vocal President Trump.

I pray there will be a huge mistake discovered in the presidential election (haha) that puts Trump in the winning column to replace Biden. In a perfect world.