What’s Eating Romney?

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I voted for him when he ran for President. I had his sign on my front lawn. I thought for sure he’d beat Obama because of the Benghazi scandal, yet he lost.  He had all the qualifications to be president with his experience, looks, demeanor, stature, except for charisma. But he let Obama stump him during two debates with snarky comments which he had no comeback for. Then he came out strong against Trump with a vile speech right before his election.  It was almost like he jumped ships to the dark side–Hillary.  He’s a Never-Trumper at best and a Democrat at worst.  Can’t know for sure.

Now that he voted to hear witnesses in a sham trial, I think he’s a traitor.  I was all for him redeeming himself when he ran for senator, but it seems he has been a fly in the ointment ever since he landed that job. We don’t need another spiteful McCain in the Senate that cast the deadly vote against overturning Obamacare.  This is not what we wanted. Seems Romney wanted to be the deadly vote For Witnesses. That decision would have tied up the country for weeks if not months with more lies and grandstanding by the left.  Shame on you Romney.  You’re putting your vengeance over country. You were probably bummed when the Mueller Report went bust.

How is it that a religious guy like Romney can hold such vengeance in his heart?  Not so sure about his Mormon Religion.  Maybe he needs a cup of coffee or some wine.  Trump didn’t pick him for the Secretary of State position.  Thank God.  He gave a horrible speech about Trump so why would he choose him?

Trump is doing everything as president that Romney would have wanted to accomplish but probably would not have the courage to do.  This is what makes Trump:  He does what the others promise but don’t have the guts to do, i.e. move the embassy in Israel and speak at a Pro Life gathering.

Romney better get with the program soon, or he’ll be ostracized by the whole party. Even his niece (who works for the RNC) is pro Trump.  Come on Romney hop on board the Trump Train. Swallow your pride.  Pride is a deadly sin.  There’s room for you.  We’ll give you one more chance to redeem yourself. Don’t hang in the girl’s locker room with Collins.  Otherwise just change parties already.

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