The Real Faces of Antifa and BLM.

The NYPD has released the mugshots of Clara Kraebber (top left), the 20-year-old wealthy Upper East Side college student, and six others who allegedly smashed up store windows causing $100,000 worth of damage to New York City businesses during weekend riots

Laura Ingraham showed the mugshots of seven BLM revolutionaries arrested in New York City and gave us a brief summary of their backgrounds. This was what I was waiting for. My original theory was right (college educated) but I was wrong when I imagined that they crawled out of a homeless hole somewhere although maybe some do. These particular anarchists came from privileged backgrounds.

One is a daughter of a professor attending an ivy league university, an ad man that owns a stately home, another university student, a daughter of an architect and psychiatrist, a working fashion model, a guy who summers in Europe, and a son of a famous comic book writer. Point is, they come from privileged New York families and one from Portland, Oregon, but are a product of poor upbringing and schooling. They hate the privilege they were raised with. Hypocrites. They want to tear down what their previous generations built. They were arrested for smashing in storefront windows and are ages 19 to 30.

Maybe it’s some of the twenty somethings that compile the Antifa and BLM. I don’t know any 20 somethings so not sure what they have learned or from whom. Have school teachings changed that much since my kids were in attendance or did parents change this much? Which is it? 20 somethings can’t even remember the attack of 9-11 which we are memorializing today. They have no concept or memory of America being attacked without warning, yet they are attacking cities every night. They are definitely the “participation trophy” “cell phone” “helicopter parent” generation better known as “snowflakes” or Gen Z. They’ve had the influence of video games and rap music lyrics too.

I don’t think BLM were raised to appreciate the importance of our military or law enforcement. They were raised by liberal parents who hate authority, hated the Iraq War, and were probably very vocal about it. They remember Barack Obama as their favorite president. One Antifa that was arrested in L.A. is the son of a well known actor. So some liberal actors, psychiatrists, and professors are turning out activist anarchists. Shocker!

The apples don’t fall far from the tree and these parents need to realize that children do what they see. If they see and hear hate everyday in their homes, from Democrat leaders, or teachers, they will turn out filled with hate. It is obvious as we are reaping the results of their hate-filled influences. The “doom and gloom” party needs to tone down their rhetoric and be more optimistic too. Biden needs to stop lying. He said USMCA trade agreement was written by The House. What a liar. It took months to get them onboard after Canada and Mexico had already signed on.

My old neighbor lost his oldest son in the second tower of the 9-11 attack of the World Trade Center. I will never forget. May his son rest in peace and deepest sympathy to his family who are no doubt still grieving especially on the anniversary.

If only these activists and cancel culture of today could realize that America is a good country and not to be ashamed of or in need of change like the left is ballyhooing everyday. We aren’t racist, warmongers, nor greedy. We don’t need to erase the past as we are proud of our history. Our forefathers should be respected as well as our current leaders. We are the country that comes to the aid of other countries when they are in need. They look up to us.

May all this pointless violence in the streets come to an end soon as it is becoming our “current war.” War against Antifa and BLM–forget ISIS, Russia, and Iran.

But we will never forget 9-11. REST IN PEACE.