Pelosi Uses 25th Amendment to Send Dogwhistle to Female Voters…

Pet Owner Training Dog Using Whistle

that, “Hey, soon after Joe wins, we’ll use the 25th Amendment to replace him with our first woman president, Kamala Harris, and first Black woman too. And I’ll be the VP. The glass ceiling will be broken sooner than you think, ladies.” Nancy must think we’re stupid.

She used Trump’s recovery from covid 19 to slip in a message to the feminists that they better vote Biden or you’ll never see the glass ceiling broken for four years or so. It was also a subliminal message to Biden that she doesn’t think he’s healthy enough to run the country. But he won’t notice it. News flash! Nobody thinks he is. I wonder if Jill catches on.

So again, we have to pass the bill before reading it. They have to vote for someone else before getting who they really want. Stupid, stupid, stupid. This lady needs to check her own mental capacity. And who is Nancy to tell us we want Kamala as our first women president? Not I. She’s not even likable.

Biden and Kamala are pulling a sham on us too by not revealing what they think of “packing the court.” Their silence speaks volumes though. They will obviously “pack the court” if Amy gets in and they get in too. They will also add a few more states to the union and get rid of the electoral college. Everything that favors them so a Republican can never gain power again. We’ll be living in a one party “do as I say, not as I do” country. Might as well be communists which we have been trying to avoid for decades. But they are trying to slip it in through the backdoor of Biden.

We can only stop them at the voting booth. Vote for Trump and Republicans all the way down the ballot in order to prevent communism from taking over. We have to take back the House, keep the Senate, and keep Trump or we’ll all be doomed.

And regarding the Debate Commission: they have equal amount of Dems and Reps on the commission, however, it has been learned that the Republican members do not want Trump to win again. This is why all the debate questions have favored Biden. Trump’s got some magic to do.