What’s Really Behind Nancy’s Secretive Trip to Taiwan?

Let’s hope she dressed a little more Speaker and age appropriate in Taiwan.

Since she is just two heartbeats away from the presidency and the VP is incompetent to fill the position, she is upping her creds to be worthy of the top spot IF it suddenly opens up. She knows she doesn’t have a chance in the traditional sense of running for pres, so why not be prepared in case there is a 25th Amendment invoked? She’s like a shark smelling blood in the water and it’s Biden’s. She’s licking her chops. Maybe her and Newsom struck some sort of deal while Biden was overseas. I thought it was Kamala, but she’s too damaged. You see, you have to think like a Democrat to be one step ahead of their shenanigans.

There’s really no reason for Nance to be in Taiwan other than to say “she is the first high ranking official to visit Taiwan since 1997.” Big whoop but this is what she’s doing. She’s also trying to appear brave in the face of China’s threats and take the news off her husband’s DUI car accident. She also wants to show that Biden is a weak president who can’t even control a member of his own congress. She is up to no good and also trying to distract the voters from the failing economy, border crisis, and her insider trading.

Yesterday they supposedly took out a top terrorist in Afghanistan that was believed to be dead in 2020 to make Biden look tough but his lackluster announcement speech was less than convincing. Unfortunately, that top terrorist would not even be there if not for Biden’s ef up in Afghanistan allowing Al-Qaeda to take control of the region. So in essence, we took out a problem that we created. Nice job, Biden. In case you haven’t noticed, Nance is after your job. Watch your back especially around stairs.