How Will We Ever Have an Honest Election?

us elections: Counting the ballots: What could go wrong in the US  Elections? - The Economic Times

I don’t want any humans touching my ballot, but I also don’t want any rigged machines reading my ballot. So where does this leave us? Voting by computer? That could have it’s own problems with hackers. Our biggest problem is Voter ID which is willy nilly across the nation. Some states require it and some don’t. Some counties require it, some don’t. There’s no transparency. To get on a plane we have to show more ID than to vote. This is ludicrous. Then if we give the proper ID with matching signatures and put our ballot into a machine to be read, how do we know if the machine is rigged? I am getting very disillusioned in our election system.

The rules should be the same in every state and county across the nation. It should be “in person” voting with the proper ID and signature matching the roll books unless you request an absentee ballot. This would at least eliminate some of the fraud. Then we have the machines. They need to be the SAME in every state and county and checked for illicit software, certified, and sealed prior to election days. We need at least one national guard member in each voting precinct to stand guard over the machines day and night to make sure they are not tampered with. Also early voting has to be the same in every state and every county no more than three days prior to election day. Voting weeks before is not the best outcome for the nation as a lot could happen in those weeks which would change one’s opinion of their candidate, i.e. Hunter’s laptop or a vaccine being approved. Voting is a constitutional right and employers should be required to allow their employees time off to vote.

These rules have to be national not statewide. Our congress has to pass something to address this prior to the next presidential election. Otherwise, we will have a repeat, if not worse, outcome of our presidential election process. We elect our congress to implement bills and laws, surely they need to address this and soon. If we can put a man on the moon and soon to be Mars, certainly we can figure out how to have an honest election process. Come on, man! It can’t be that difficult. Now that we know there are those willing to commit voter fraud in order to steal an election, we have to prevent it. It’s like a bank hiring security guards, putting up security cameras, marking money, and placing 911 buttons under their desks. We can’t be caught flatfooted again, i.e. fool us once, shame on you; twice is on us.

These rules are not suppression of the vote, they are refreshion of the vote. We need to press the refresh button of our election system; otherwise, I’ll never trust the outcome again.