Two Nights of Debates–No Mention of ISIS, No. Korea, the Wall, Israel, or Russia. What?!!

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We heard those names incessantly for three years and now crickets?  Why is that?  Because the biased moderators know that Trump removed the threat of terror from ISIS and North Korea, they won’t admit that Russia Collusion was a hoax, Israel is our strongest ally, and that The Wall is needed. So best not to bring those subjects up. Shhh. (If we don’t mention them, our stupid audience won’t know any better.) Plus they don’t want to give any credit to Trump.

I heard lots of lies coming from each and everyone of these socialists usually about Trump. Trump is taking children from their parents at the border, Trump is a predator who preys on weak people, Trump is using the crisis at the border to win in 2020, Trump is just a reality star in the White House, Trump won’t cover pre-existing conditions, Trump commited ten obstruction of justice crimes but a memo is keeping him from being prosecuted.  This last lie came from Kamala who calls herself a former prosecutor.  When you lie to us once, everything else you say is discounted. She must have been a corrupt prosecutor like Gabbard implied.

Just when I was starting to think one of them made sense, they would say something stupid and fall on their face. Gillibrand tried her “clorox in the oval office” joke again and it fell flat.  I think she’s been using clorox on her hair.  The consummate feminist also brought up an oped that Biden wrote forty years ago about women should be home with their children. How do we know he wasn’t right?  Look at the problems our country has today?  Maybe Biden was onto something. We’ll never know now will we?  But the main theme for the night was climate change and the climate/science denying Trump.  Yawn.

Castro credited Obama for our economy and called Trump a racist.  Please.  You’re done. When you make a blatant lie, we will not listen to anything else you have to say.  Scary part was that the audience roared when he said that. Makes me wonder who’s out there in the Democrat world.  Kamala looked frustrated and angry throughout the whole debate and stole a line from Warren–Republican talking points.  She kept coming after Biden like a nagging wife.

Biden got a few good one liners in but stammered over five times even getting his “Joe 2020” wrong, saying “Joe 3-0-3-3-0.”  Huh?!  Cory spoke with cheerful authority and came after Biden getting a few good hits in but then he said Trump needs to be impeached and that killed his chances.  Biden evaded questions by Gillibrand and DeBlasio. Calming Gabbard looked and sounded better this debate although she stole a line from the spirit advisor– sick care system. And she shed the white streak in her hair.

Andrew Yang was cool and articulate but his plans don’t make sense. My favorite line of the night was when DeBlasio said to Biden, “You need to be able to answer the tough questions. I guarantee Trump won’t let you off the hook.”  It was a compliment to Trump and a cut to Biden at the same time.  Thank you DeBlasio.

It looks like climate change, healthcare, and open borders will be the Democrats undoing in 2020.  They want to get rid of coal and oil.  They want “medicare for all” even illegals and have no way to pay for it.  And want open borders with decriminalization for crossing illegally.

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Beware, Michelle is waiting in the wings once this crazy is over.