What Ever Happened to Baby Joe?

We all remember the final scene to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis where Jane Hudson was dancing and smiling on the beach with two ice cream cones in hand. This is what I think of when I see Joe licking ice cream whilst smiling and calling the economy strong as hell. Doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Just like Baby Jane Hudson.

Does he think if he drops a swear word it will be more believable? He’s lost it as much as Baby Jane had. He’s as wicked as her in the movie and just as demented. He’s treating our country metaphorically like Jane did her sister in the movie, tying up her arms in bed and taping her mouth shut. There are many other similarities. She forged her sister’s name and cashed her royalty checks, just like Biden does with our taxpayer money by spending it on nonsense. She impersonated her sister’s voice to order booze sent to the house just like Biden impersonates other leader’s speeches, claiming them as his own. And she lost her temper as quickly and as often as Joey does.

But what drove Baby Jane to insanity? It was pure jealousy of her sister’s success as an actress in movies after years of being spoiled by her parents, just like Baby Joe was. Just like Biden’s current jealousy of Trump’s success as President. Jealousy is a potent motivation to become evil.

This guy’s presidency has jumped the shark and needs to be cancelled ASAP. He’s heading us into wars with China, Iran, and Russia which would be nuclear. And he doesn’t give a whip because he’s turned insanely evil. There’s no stopping him now as he’s past the point of no return just like in another movie The Perfect Storm. The fishing crew couldn’t turn back nor keep going ahead. They were doomed–caught in the middle of a hurricane at sea. Our only way out of our perfect storm is to remove some of Joe’s power this November.

Vote in person. Ask for a paper ballot and that you sign your name next to your signature on file. Trust no one, especially the post office to mail your ballot. The less human hands on your ballot the better. And the computers are not trustworthy. The left will have many more tricks up their sleeves than they did in 2020, so be vigilant. Our biggest threat to America today is the FBI, CIA, the Democrats, and Baby Joe himself.

Joe, appearing giddy over our economy.