The Enemy Among Us.

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We love America; but let’s face it, we don’t love some of the people and vice versa. We don’t love what they’ve become. They’ve become the enemy among us. We live, shop, and breathe among them, but we don’t know who they are. They are strangers to us but very dangerous to our future.

The left displays their hate for the rest of us daily by shooting strangers in the street, burning random cars and buildings, and rioting, looting, and mugging at every chance. There’s no repercussions to their violence so they continue it. The liberal government has reduced our police protection and, therefore, allowed crime to escalate. The government has also opened our borders wide open to enemies from other countries compiling the threat to ourselves.

The question is when will we defend our country from the enemy among us? They are controlling and influencing everything from social media to newspapers to national news to school curriculum to the police to our medical field. When will the Democrats see the light that the enemy among us could actually hurt them too? Barbara Boxer got accosted in Oakland by the enemy. Maybe it will take more well-known liberals to get hurt before they realize the problem staring them in the face. We have let our country go. And it has gone to the dogs.

Trump said recently at his rally, “Forget about 2024. If we don’t find out what happened in 2020 and fix it, we’ll never win another election again.” He’s right. In order to protect the future we have to correct the past. Some of the GOP tell Trump to “just let it go.” That won’t work this time because the enemy is one step ahead of us. They are holding a commission today to review the demonstration in January which they planned themselves. This commission made up of Dems is nothing more than a cover your ass smokescreen. They’ve been caught, but they still want to blame Trump so he has no chance in 2024. It’s like they’re trying to kill The Terminator, and he won’t die.

The sniffling capitol police testifying are now overdramatizing that day calling it an “armed mob by terrorists” in between tears. That’s belied by the videos that have been released. What this cop is describing is an attack by Antifa or BLM, not peaceful Trump demonstrators. Antifa scaled the walls wearing backpacks not Trump supporters. Too bad the police cannot recognize the enemy among us either. The fact that these cops are quick to blame Trump supporters shows us that they are some of the enemies among us. They’re working with the FBI’s cover up.

These cops heard chants of “Four More Years and USA” in the background as they conflate it to the BLM attacking them. What a bunch of overdramatic crock these cops are testifying to. This is another sham the government is putting on us. “Stolen batons, shields, guns, and tazors were used against them with guttural screams and foaming at the mouth” are words describing their attackers.

“Trump has given us marching orders” one cop said he was warned of in between sniffling. “We want Trump and Stop the Steal” the crowd chanted but that is not being violent. The Trump supporters got infiltrated with Antifa, BLM and FBI agents. “Weapons were used, like bike racks.” One cop testified that a bomb was planted, implying that it was from Trump supporters; but it is on video showing a young black youth planted it. This whole committee is filled with dishonest and half truths testimony.

“Insurrectionists carried MAGA Flags, Don’t Tread on Me, and confederate flags.” Did it occur to these sniffling cops that BLM carried those flags to implicate Trump? Of course not. Because they can’t see the enemy among us. These enemies can disguise themselves as one of us in order to fool the rest of us. The black cop lied to this committee saying he was called the “n” word. If that is true, it was said by BLM. See how they try to disguise themselves? This cop thinks he was attacked for the color of his skin which just threw more gasoline on the racist fire in America. Shame on him.

These cops testifying are a bunch of wusses. Never seen such a display of snowflakes in one room. Who is hiring these guys? They need to toughen up. They must be part of the “participation trophy” generation. They are in therapy for PTSD. No wonder so many quit the day after the demonstration. “Attack on our democracy” was the continued refrain from these officers. The fact that one cop testified that it “Was not Antifa, not BLM, not FBI” is proof to me that is was. Why would he volunteer that, except for he was told to say that by the FBI. It is almost as though these cops never witnessed a year of riots from BLM and Antifa whereby cities were burned to the ground. The only one guilty on January 6th is Nancy Pelosi who is trying to cover her own ass as she planned the riot then refused security from the National Guard.

What about the democracy on our election day of November 3rd? That was the Crime of the Century not Jan 2021. Stealing a presidential election? First time ever. The enemy among us is wide and prevalent as we witness this sham of a Pelosi-selected committee today. Not one question so far about what happened to Ashli Babbitt. No one cares because she supported Trump. Sick people. That alone tells us we are hearing a bunch of bunk from these officers and the committee members. I had to turn it off.