Democrats Complain About Inflation, Gas Prices, and Empty Shelves…

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like it appeared out of the blue. These people thought they voted for dignity, calm, and normalcy; but instead got what we all knew they’d get CALAMITY. It almost makes me laugh when I hear my friends complaining about the economy when they helped to put this joker in office. But if you mention that all of the above is caused by Biden’s policies, they act like it was going to happen anyway; that Biden is just president while it is occurring. Sort of like Being There the movie.

They know nothing about the Keystone Pipeline getting cancelled along with other drilling projects. They know nothing about Biden beholden to China. They seem to know nothing about employees getting paid more to sit on their asses and, therefore, why no longshoreman show to work. They also seem to know nothing about vaccine mandates causing thousands to be “let go” from their jobs, i.e. they watch CNN.

We are heading for the perfect storm where good workers get laid off, there’re no products to purchase, and too expensive to drive your car. This will lead to complete and utter chaos toppled with millions of vagrants being dispersed into the suburbs of our states. Complete mayhem. I hate to sound pessimistic, but even the conservative news networks are avoiding the inevitability of where we’re headed. They always appear cheerful and disaffected except for Brian Kilmeade and Dan Bongino.

How do you reason with these kind of Democrats? They don’t listen to reason. They are still upset about “mean tweets” and the capitol riot rather than 60,000 ruthless and overweight invaders heading to our border with the border control’s hands tied. Looks like these invaders have eaten well in the poor country they’re escaping from. Good luck coming here where we’ll have empty shelves soon. This country is imploding in plain sight and the Democrats can’t see beyond their hate for Trump. It is exhausting to me.

While our clueless president is trying to screw our country, simultaneously with groping young boys’ heads between his crotch, we’re heading for the perfect economic storm. He needs to be placed in a home so we don’t have to listen to his sinister Joker-like laugh any longer. The Joker does describe his character, however.


Will Hotels, Ballgames, Stores, Schools, and Restaurants EVER Get Back to Normal?

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How many times have we heard the phrase, “Well…due to the pandemic, we can no longer provide” this or that? No water glasses in a hotel room. No mini bar. No coffee pot! Fewer towels. No menus. No poolside dining. No cocktail waitresses. No room service. The pandemic was over but businesses were still using that phrase.

I know of an HOA that closed their spa February 2020 and still haven’t opened it claiming that covid is still around. They make it sound like covid is invisibly lingering in the air above the spa just waiting for the next resident to submerge in the water. And like in a horror movie, it attaches itself to an unsuspecting victim! Cue the theme music from Jaws. “Dun…dunt…dun…dunt.”

After covid is long gone and eradicated will these establishments continue to run their businesses or amenities on the cheap? Obviously with spas shutdown, the gas bills of the HOA go down but the monthly dues don’t. Amazing. I heard in order to get a hotdog at a ballgame you must use a cellphone app. Will schools and businesses still be running a hybrid (limited staff) organization in order to save money? Yes, some restaurants are having trouble filling jobs and; consequently, the service has gone way down but the prices are way up due to food and gasoline prices rising rapidly. Biden has created this mess of fewer people seeking jobs together with inflation. It’s the Perfect Economic Storm.

These organizations have found that they’ve recouped some money during covid by running skeleton crews and not giving guests the service they are accustomed to. But they charge the same, if not more, for rooms, food, and property taxes. This has been a windfall for some businesses, especially school unions, that got money allocated from the stimulus bills when the teachers didn’t spend one day in a classroom.

Things were getting back to semi-normal then the threat of Delta started to emerge. Now we are almost back to square one of the pandemic even though we are mostly vaccinated. So we got vaccinated and still have to endure all these precautions? It doesn’t make sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, it usually isn’t right.

We are slowly hearing of events being cancelled. As I have four family members in the event business (one wedding planner, two musicians, and one mobile marketing planner) this affects their budgeting, itineraries, and travel plans as nothing now is for sure. Last year all their gigs and events got cancelled. This year they got piled on with gigs and events playing catch up, but suddenly out of the blue are being told some may not occur. This is hard on the mental health of these professionals. I’m sure there are plenty of bridezillas out there pulling their hair out about now wondering whether or not to send out their invites. Not fair!

When our government willy nilly imposes these new restrictions (Newsom), they have no idea how it affects the business world. Why? Because they’ve never held a real job in the real world outside of the government. They are insensitive and lack experience or empathy. Do they even realize that most of these companies did not make a profit in 2020 and are hanging by a thread this year? No. And they don’t care. I almost think they want everyone to throw in the towel, go on unemployment again, and forfeit their homes. Tents sales will be the only business booming unless the government is providing them. Wouldn’t put it past them.

Next will be a real estate bust. If companies continue to be in the red and homeowners can’t make their mortgage payment, they will begin to sell when the moratorium ends, then pop goes the bubble. All we wanted to do was get back to normal…real normal…with no masks, no six feet distancing, and no more closures or lockdown threats; but we are experiencing much of the same, even though we are vaccinated. It doesn’t make sense.

Stores still have the same lame arrows showing us how much six feet is; and if we get closer than that, the other shoppers jump. It is getting worse, not better. Build Back Better was Biden’s slogan. He may as well change it to Better Not Build as no one is building anything back better. Costs of supplies have skyrocketed due to higher gasoline prices. What’s better about that? Nothin’ honey.