Woke Liberals Hate White Folks.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the woke media and our current government look like they hate white people as they are always quick to call a white shooter a white supremacist, but a Hispanic mall shooter is labeled a white supremacist not a Hispanic supremacist. A Hispanic suspect’s picture is hidden from the public for days as it doesn’t meet the president’s narrative. A black victim who gets apprehended by a white soldier is glorified and the soldier vilified.

Why is it okay for the police to neutralize a violent person but a solider gets vilified by the woke mob just for holding a suspect? He didn’t intend for his death. But the guy was probably on drugs.

The border is getting invaded by many foreigners and is the definition of a foreign invasion which should be handled by our army. But Biden says he wants more workers in America and is encouraging them all to come illegally. Will they get social security cards, free healthcare, and be able to vote? Probably in his mind, they will. Where do we need all these workers that don’t speak English? Where will all these children go to school? Another big mistake by the woke administration.

Why are Blacks in SF going to receive millions in reparations from the city due to slavery which occurred in the 1800s? This makes no sense. I thought “Black was Beautiful.” If so, why are we having to feel sorry for them when we’ve been kowtowing to them since the 70s with affirmative action programs in work and college? This bill for reparations is a pity bill. Pity is racist. What’s next giving millions to the Jewish who were able to overcome their adversities? No, because they are considered white. All this coddling of the blacks will only result in them gaining more power and breaking more laws. Spare the rod, spoil the child. And that’s what most of them are behaving like especially in the streets.

White people are being scapegoated. It’s true. We are being treated like second class citizens and the woke liberals love it. If we don’t agree with their transgender policies, we are labeled transphobic. If we don’t agree with reparations, we are labeled racist. If we are the ones to take down a black suspect; we are the guilty ones, not them. We saw this in convenience stores in NYC whereby the store owner gets arrested for defending himself. This kind of injustice needs to stop.

White people aren’t guilty just because they are white, just as black people aren’t guilty just because they are black. They are doing to us what they think has been done to them. And it’s spreading. But it seems more and more, this government and media take the black’s side over the white’s. Just like in the Trayvon Martin case where a partial Hispanic killed him, but they quickly labeled him white to fit Obama’s narrative. Everything now is looked at through a racial lens.

Whoever does the killing has to be white or they bury the story. So many mass murders this year due to mental illness, not color of skin; but color of skin always gets the blame especially if one is white. If one is black or Hispanic, the gun gets the blame. Or in the transactivist mass shooter, transphobia got blamed. It can never be the fault of a mentally disturbed minority of any kind, just white folks.

So, when you hear from the police that the motive has not yet been determined, that is code for the government doesn’t like the motive as it doesn’t fit their narrative of white supremacy, so it will be suppressed.


Joe recently bragged in an interview that he is the most experienced candidate for the job of president. That is laughable. The only experience he has in thirty years is selling his name for money. He’s never owned a business or run anything really. If he had, it would fail. He’s only good at selling his last name in exchange for making policies that suit the foreign buyer. That’s actually called treason.

But that is not what the president should be doing. The president should be leading the country with good policies that make our country prosperous, safe, and respected by other countries. And keep us out of wars. He should also come up with good ideas on his own that congress needs to pass. And he should reach across the aisle and compromise, which he has not done once since taking office. The uniter is a divider. None of this has been done under Biden. The complete opposite.

Biden started all this transmania that is spreading throughout America. It is disgusting as there is now a war on children and a war on women.

When I hear people like Allen Dershowitz brag that he didn’t vote for Trump but votes Democrat, it makes him look stupid. For a renowned lawyer that has been condemned by the left, you’d think he’d be smart enough to switch parties. But he still wants his family to love him, so he sticks. If his family dumps him for switching parties, they weren’t worth keeping. He is cutting off his nose despite his face. And others that say the same make my skin crawl.