Should Trump Launch “Trump/LIV Golf Channel”?

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So many golfers are defying the PGA Golf Tournaments by joining up with the LIV Golf Tournaments that are not televised. The PGA has gotten too politicized just like ESPN, the DOJ, and FBI. They have treated Phil MIckelson poorly as well as any other golfer joining up with LIV. But these golfers would like to play in both leagues not just one. But the PGA won’t allow it. They are being exclusive and punitive just like how Biden acts. They wouldn’t allow any LIV golfers in the FEDEX tournament this year. But they were hunky dory with Biden going to Saudi Arabia and fist pumping and begging for oil. That’s okay with the PGA. They are all hypocrites!

The PGA began their shenanigans by cancelling all tournaments that were normally held at Trump Golf Courses as a punishment for January 6th. Since when does the PGA have any knowledge of politics and what went down that day? They don’t. Unless PGA stands for Politicized Golf Association. But they have been acting on their own in order to send a message that they no longer support the former president. Maybe Mickelson got annoyed with they way they were running things and decided to take the LIV offer. Now others are following suit as recent major winner, Cameron Smith, just left the FEDEX Tournament in midstream.

If Trump can start his own social media, True Social, then maybe he needs to tackle a Trump/LIV Golf Channel as more and more popular golfers are defecting, and we can no longer watch them play. Trump has the media experience with his successful tv show called Celebrity Apprentice. He loves golf and has developed many golf courses around the world, so it could be a good fit.

The Democrat Party that claims to be all inclusive, unifying, and tolerant of all races, genders, and beliefs is proving itself to be just the opposite. They are filled with hate for conservatives and have been targeting them for years now by weaponizing the FBI and DOJ against them. It is just spreading to the sports industry. Basketball has been run by NIKE sponsorships, and NIKE is up to its eyeballs in China. So you see, China is running sports in America as well as our health industry, solar industry, and politics under Biden. And the PGA is worried about kowtowing to Saudi Arabia? Please.

Go for it Trump while your waiting to run again. Show the PGA that two can play this game but allow non LIV players in your tournaments. Show them what true unity looks like. Let’s show the PGA that they don’t own golf.