From Hillary’s “Basket of Deporables” to “Nazis.”

She’s now labeled us Nazis. We are living in a Police State that targets anyone that doesn’t follow lockstep in line with Biden’s Regime, yet we are labeled Nazis. Biden even admitted it. It’s not just Trump that is the enemy of the state, it is anyone that disagrees with my regime. So if we publicly go against this regime, we could be punished as if we were Nazis.

Ironically, Hillary is calling Trump supporters Nazis now, which is exactly how Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice is behaving—rounding up Trump supporters in Gestapo fashion. Remember, they will try to label or accuse us of what they are doing. And Hillary and Biden just did it. One pundit recently said regarding a suspect, “If you check the Republican Box, they will come for you. If you check the Democrat Box, you get a free pass.” So true.

In fact, Hillary tried to claim Trump ranted and raved for over an hour at his last rally; but reality is, he was soft-spoken and the audience swayed to his background music. She was trying to equate Biden’s fiery blood-red Nazi-like speech to Trump’s. Again they will accuse us of what they have done or are doing. It is their “go to” method of switching the negative narrative back onto us. Governor Newsom wants to burn our bodies when we die to use as compost. That sounds more Nazi-like to me.

Let’s face it, they will do anything to get the subject off of their blaringly failed open border policies even to the point of suing governors that disagree with their practices. The fake news and Hollywood is carrying their water calling DeSantis and Abbott all kinds of vicious names comparing them to communism. Don’t believe a word they say. They have all been instructed by The Tyrant on what to say and spread before the midterms. It is almost verbatim what the fake news is repeating. It’s Rules of Radicals 101: Call us communists often enough, and the stupid masses will believe it. It’s the old “kettle calling the kettle black” again. Don’t believe it.

We are not deplorables nor Nazis nor communists, no matter how many times they repeat this lie. Do they hate us with a passion? Yes, they do, as evidenced by the hateful names they will resort to call us. We are honest, moral, common sense voters that can recognize a slanderous plot when we hear it. We’re not gullible and stupid like they think we are. And this is what drives them crazy.

We will not fall for their radicalized method of brainwashing. We will stand up for America and for our rights and vote these radicals out of office this November before they do anymore damage to our country. We are the peaceful ones. We will show our disapproval in the voting booth–not in the streets. PERIOD.