Is It a Crisis or Are They Playing a Game of Words?

Number of unaccompanied migrant children in Customs and Border Protection  custody drops 45% - CNNPolitics
A picture’s worth a thousand words.

This administration seems to be running the country by political correctness gone wild. Everything to them is a game of words or semantics. Crisis is just a challenge; illegal aliens are undocumented migrants; rioters are peaceful protesters; arson is demonstrating one’s expression of frustration; shoplifting and theft is needing bread to live; losing your job is a chance to better yourself in a new career; infrastructure is handing out needles and teddy bears to the homeless, i.e. the left is downplaying every crime or failed policy with their choice of words.

Conversely, when an unarmed Trump supporter trespasses it is called an insurrection. They exaggerate rather than downplay when conservatives are involved. When Trump asked his supporters to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol it was called inciting violence. When Maxine Waters tells protesters to keep getting confrontational to get the “guilty guilty guilty” verdict, it’s called freedom of speech or right to an opinion. When Biden threatened Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son, it was called helping Ukraine rid themselves of a corrupt prosecutor. When Trump made an innocent phone call with Ukraine’s new president, they called it quid pro quo. It’s all in the choice of words for them.

This administration claims illegals were treated inhumanely by the Trump Administration. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Anyone that believes this has been living under a rock for four years. Trump had the border problem completely solved while he was in office. To quote Trump, “All Biden had to do was nothing. It was working.” But Biden, being the spiteful character that he is, reversed all of Trump’s policies including the building of the wall and “stay in Mexico.” Now we are experiencing the worse crisis at the border in history, but they won’t admit it. Instead they are using PC language to downplay their failures.

I think the jig is about up. Once these migrant children start falling ill from their crowded, unsanitary quarters, the truth of the situation will be exposed. This administration won’t be able to PC themselves out of the words “hospitalized” or “sick”. There’s no euphemism. Unless they call it “temporarily indisposed due to fatigue of making the heroic trip across two countries to seek a better life.” These children are in imminent danger thanks to Biden inviting them to come then piling them into small quarters. Watch them try to hide the bodies on stretchers from the press.

Pippi Longstocking, the press secretary, will be doing a lot of circling back to us once that story breaks. She is this administration’s well-paid liar. “The crisis isn’t here, it’s in South America. The children are seeking refuge from violence, economic hardship, and other dire circumstances.” Lies, lies, and more lies.

Political Correctness “Gone Wild” is the Cause of Homelessness and NIKE’s Bad Decision.

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We’ve heard of girls gone wild. What we have here is an American company kowtowing to the demands of one activist, egomaniac, ex-football player and our cities kowtowing to the homeless due to political correctness “gone wild.”  If cities would enforce their vagrancy laws, there’d be no homelessness. Round them up in paddy wagons and put them in jail for the night.  Next day escort them out of town.  They won’t be around much longer.  But because of the liberal leaders in the local city government, they won’t even enforce their own laws.

We need a permit to put up a tent on public property.  The homeless don’t get one. One needs a permit to put up a tent in a campground. Why not in the city?  The homeless are encroaching on private properties and businesses which cause unsafe and unhealthy conditions to the public. Colin K. hates America and our flag so, therefore, he looks for any excuse to make his point. Unfortunately, the CEO’s at NIKE have cowered to the Resist Movement and figure the rest of us have too, so they pull the patriotic tennis shoes off the shelves.  Cowardly move.

The egomaniacs who have to be in the news everyday like the “lying bartender” need to be ignored.  Once they get no coverage, they’ll shut up.  But the left media follows her around and holds her water. Pelosi, Nadler, and Schumer use the bartender to say things that they themselves want to say.  And they bathe in her crazy.  It’s sickening.

The bartender and Colin K. both come from privileged backgrounds but they pander to the poor as if they were too.  They’re phonies–plain and simple.  Instead of being appreciative of all they were given, they act out in outrageous ways for attention.  Maybe that’s their problem–given too much attention as children.  “Look at me, look at me, look at me” was their mantra, and they never grew up.  Then when no one is looking any longer, they have to resort to kneeling at a football game to protest police brutality or going to the border and making false claims.  Sickening.

Buttigieg says his police department is riddled with racism and police brutality but the police disagree.  Another phony like Colin K. throwing the police under the bus for popularity.  Mayor Pete may be able to speak six languages, but he has no comprehension of the English language. And he should stay away from Bible-shaming Republicans.  Sickening.

The bartender, Mayor Pete, and Colin K. should all be asked to resign from their positions as well as any mayors of any cities allowing homelessness and sanctuary to illegals. And people should stand up against what they’re doing by not purchasing or wearing NIKE, writing to their city, displaying the America Flag, and not voting Pete B.

Every little bit helps and sends a message to these activist kooks. The more we kowtow to them, the more they’ll pull these stunts.  They think: well, it worked so well before.  Why not try it again?  People are stupid and fall for them. 

Political correctness has “gone wild.”  Let’s corral it in before we get stampeded. 

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