An Overused Saying That Needs to Go: “This is Not Who We Are.”


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This phrase has been used over and over this year especially by the Democrats in power and the candidates, and it’s starting to irk me.  They need to look themselves in the mirror or ban this phrase as they’re being disingenuous. It sounds a little high and mighty like they’re above the fray. Usually it is said in reference to Trump and something he has tweeted or done and the Democrats jump on it and say, “This is not who we are.” I cringe whenever they say this, as I know different.

“For example, when President Donald Trump called for a total ban of Muslims as a presidential candidate, then followed through with a majority-Muslim country travel ban, and when he called for a ban of transgender people from serving in the military, and when he called for the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program allowing certain undocumented youth to work in the U.S. without deportation, people responded, ‘This is not who we are.’”The Daily Dot

Here the people are mimicking what they hear their leaders overuse.

Reality is, this is exactly who the Democrats in power and RINOs are.  They are the ones committing unethical, unconstitutional, illegal, disloyal, and unAmerican practices.  Pelosi and her private behind-closed-doors “impeachment inquiry” is exactly who she is–a conwoman.  Mueller and his biased band of bandits who investigated the president for a staged Russian collusion accusation is exactly who they are–sham artists.  Feinstein and the Democrat Senators with their orchestrated attack on Kavanaugh and his family is exactly who they are–conspirators.  Strzok and his lover who initiated the spying on the Trump campaign and came up with the “insurance plan” is exactly who they are–rogue FBI agents.

Susan Rice, the spokesperson for Obama and Hillary, is exactly who she is–a puppet. Kasich and Romney who have stabbed Trump in the back is exactly who they are-turncoats.  Hillary and her campaign that hired Steele to compose the salacious dossier is exactly who they are–Russian colluders.   Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler, and the phony “whistleblower” and their contrived script of Trump’s conversation is exactly who they are–liars. Comey, Brennan, McCabe, and Clapper who orchestrated the coup to take out Trump before or after the election is exactly who they are–treasonous.  And former President Obama who oversaw all the aforementioned is exactly who he is–the puppet master.

And whatever happened to Valerie Jarrett?  She supposedly lived with the Obamas.  What happened to her?  What are they saving her for?  Did she leave the country already? Did she move to Cape Cod with them?  And why was Obama meeting with Trump-hating Robert De Niro other than planning their next attack on Trump? Are they planning to produce some anti-Trump Netflix movies to release as an October surprise next year? I don’t trust them.

So whenever you hear the Democrats in power or RINOs say, “This is not who we are.”  Remember, they can’t take the pious high road as this is exactly who they are: corrupt, devious, dishonest, fraudulent, and unAmerican. 



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