Political Pop Quiz for Know-it-All Liberals…

Photo by Judit Peter on Pexels.com

Or low information voters.

These are trivial questions about things in politics that were said or occurred in the last 15 years that one may have not heard or read in the news depending on where you get the news or one may have forgotten. It will be interesting to see what the liberals really know. The answers are mostly simple yes or no or just a few words.

No researching allowed, although I think google will have buried most of these stories by now. Hopefully, most of them will get 80% of them correct. If not, hmmm, I wonder why they think they have a leg to stand on. Answers to be released tomorrow.

  1. Which president said that there were 57 states?
  2. Which president mispronounced the word corpsmen twice in one speech, saying corpse instead of core?
  3. Which president called his wife Michael twice in one speech?
  4. Was Jussie Smollett attacked by a Trump supporter?
  5. Was racecar driver Bubba Wallace a victim of a hate crime?
  6. When Trump said, “There are good people on both sides” referring to Charlottesville what sides was he referring to?
  7. Did Trump say some Mexicans coming over the border are rapists or Mexicans are rapists?
  8. Who held back 2 billion in aid from Ukraine in exchange for firing a prosecutor handling the case against corrupt Burisma?
  9. Who is referred to as “the big guy” who gets 10% of money from China in Hunter’s emails?
  10. Who turned Hunter Biden’s laptop into the repair shop in Delaware?
  11. Who called the FBI after seeing what was on the laptop?
  12. Was Hunter’s laptop Russia disinformation?
  13. What social media groups, newspapers, news networks, and radio stations suppressed the story of Hunter’s laptop prior to the election?
  14. Who sent a memo to the FBI asking them to investigate Trump for collusion with Russia prior to the 2016 election?
  15. Who is Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?
  16. Who came up with the term “insurance plan” referring to keeping Trump from winning the 2016 election?
  17. What was the insurance plan?
  18. How much was spent on Special Counsel Mueller Report on Trump’s collusion with Russia?
  19. Who is Nick Sandman?
  20. Who is Bruce and Nellie Ohr?
  21. Did Trump’s final speech in D.C. say march to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically to let your voices be heard or break into the building to fight and stand strong?
  22. Was the FBI warned of the Capitol attack prior to that day?
  23. Were the attackers all Trump supporters or infiltrated by Antifa and BLM?
  24. What does Antifa stand for?
  25. What president was nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes between Israel and the Middle East?
  26. Was the Benghazi attack on the embassy a planned terror attack or a protest inspired by a hateful video?
  27. How many requests from Stevens went unnoticed to the Secretary of State asking for security in Benghazi prior to the attack?
  28. Why didn’t troops come in to save Ambassador Chris Stevens?
  29. Who leaked Podesta emails to Julian Assange?
  30. Did Trump ask Russia to hack Hillary’s emails at a rally?
  31. Who got more black and hispanic votes than any previous GOP candidate?
  32. What is Dominion?
  33. Were there some states that allowed folks to take advantage of the mail in voting like voting twice– once by mail and once in person?
  34. Were there any postal workers that either disposed of ballots or moved ballots out of state?
  35. Who stalled a stimulus bill from those hurting from covid shutdowns until after the election and admitted it?
  36. Who set up a fund to bail out Antifa and BLM after they were arrested across the nation in 2020?
  37. Who said, “The rioters should protest before and after the election and should never stop”?
  38. Whose theme song lyrics say, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”?
  39. Do donations to BLM go to the underprivileged black community to fight poverty or other issues they are flighting for?
  40. Who called Trump’s decision to ban flights from China after covid broke out, xenophobic and racist?
  41. Who brought the unemployment rate to the lowest in 50 years prior to covid breaking out?
  42. What president’s grades and college records were forbidden to be released from the college?
  43. What president’s professors do not remember him being in their class?
  44. Did the IRS under the Obama Administration purposely target conservative non profit groups?
  45. What administration was allowing Veterans Administration personnel to postpone and delay patients from getting proper care to save their lives?
  46. Did the writer of the ACA say “that Americans are stupid people” meaning that their plan was easily sold to the gullible public?
  47. Did Dr. Christine Balsey Ford know the address of the house she was assaulted at or whose house it was?
  48. Did any of Ford’s friends remember the incident?
  49. Did Ford scrub her social media posts prior to coming into testify against Kavanaugh?
  50. Is Jill Biden a medical doctor? If so, what field of practice?
  51. Did Melania appear on the cover of one women’s magazine since becoming First Lady?
  52. What president is the only president in history to donate his salary back to different government departments like national parks dept. etc?
  53. How many vacations did Trump take with his wife while in office–not work trips?
  54. Can a president legally be impeached once leaving office?
  55. Was the first vaccine for covid held back from release until after the election?
  56. Who came up with the Warp Speed Plan to expedite years of red tape allowing for a speedy approval of a covid vaccine?
  57. Who said in March wearing masks won’t stop the spread of covid?
  58. What governors refused to allow therapeutic Hydroxychloroquine to even be prescribed in their state for first symptoms of covid allowing many victims to be hospitalized and possibly dying?
  59. What governor signed a bill putting patients with covid back into nursing homes spreading the disease?
  60. Who quickly requested the manufacturing of ventilators from private companies like Ford to be sent to hospitals across the nation and other countries to save lives?
  61. What GOP candidate brought up the size of Trump’s hands during the 2016 GOP debate?
  62. What GOP candidate said he’d give someone a warm kiss during a presidential debate?
  63. What GOP candidate said, I may not go out for a beer with you, but I’ll drive you safely home?
  64. What GOP candidate said, “What are we going to do, put a chicken in everyone’s pot?”
  65. Which party never once brought up the violence and rioting in the streets of our cities during their convention last year?
  66. Which president displayed a banner reading MISSION ACCOMPLISHED a little prematurely.
  67. What 2016 candidate for president’s volunteer shot up a GOP congressional baseball game once Trump was in office?
  68. Which candidate for president in 2020 frequently said, we have a criminal occupying the White House?
  69. What governors have shutdown their states in the name of covid for almost a year in order to hurt the economy and hurt President Trump’s chances for reelection?

Good luck and don’t cheat!


1.,2.,3. Obama

4., 5. No

6. People on both sides of tearing down statues or not.

7. some Mexicans

8.,9. VP Biden

10. Hunter

11. Owner of repair shop

12. No although the media tried to say it was.

13. Twitter, Facebook, NYTimes, WAPO, NPR, MSM

14. Candidate Hillary Clinton

15.,16 Two FBI agents Lovers intent on taking down Trump and got caught

17. Appoint a Special Counsel to drum up charges on Trump to remove him.

18. $35 million

19. A Christian high school student in D.C. slandered by the media for smiling at a protestor

20. FBI agent who’s wife Nellie worked for the firm that helped conspire the false Steele Dossier.

21. march peacefully and patriotically

22. Yes

23. Infiltrated by leftwing agitator groups

24. Anti-Fascism although they are Fascists

25. Trump

26. Planned terror attack

27. 400

28. Commander told them to stand down

29. Forensic evidence points to an inside job although DNC would not let FBI check

30. No, they had already been deleted by Hillary herself.

31. Trump

32. Computer software that can be programmed to steal or flip votes used in 2020 election.

33. Yes. Nevada allowed 42,000 to vote twice which if allowed to be audited would switch Nevada to a Trump win.

34. Yes one caught at the Canadian border and one going from NY to Georgia with loads of ballots.

35. Nancy Pelosi

36., 37. Kamala Harris

38. Black Lives Matter

39. No. The money goes to fund more domestic terror.

40. Biden

41. Trump

42., 43. Obama

44. Yes

45. Obama Administration