Biden Turns to Late Night to Save His Popularity.

The Tonight Show' Renewed At NBC For Five Years – Deadline

That is a joke in itself. But from the clips I’m seeing, he had the support of the clueless audience and fake-laugher Jimmy Fallon. Who are these people who think he’s doing a good job? Why does Jimmy say he’s doing the right thing? Someone got to them too. Don’t they live in New York City and have eyes? Don’t they see that crime and theft has escalated under Biden? Don’t they drive a car? They must be blind. And who are these late night hosts? What ever happened to the likes of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno? They’d never stoop to this level. But he’s on NBC, after all.

Biden wanted to sell his Build Back Bullshit bill to the people by repeating the same old lie, “It won’t cost you one penny.” Well…he’s got the Marxist way of convincing people of a lie down by repeating it often enough so they believe it. Psaki says, “It won’t cost a penny, because it won’t!” That’s how she explains it. But it will increase our deficit by three trillion. That sounds like more than a penny to pay that off.

Jimmy says Biden has brought class back to the White House. I haven’t seen anything coming from those two that resemble class like Melania and Trump’s family who are style setters compared to Hunter and Ashley who are addicts. If they are the product of Joe and Jill that Jimmy calls class, then he lives in a different world than the rest of us. He probably thinks the homeless are Rhode Scholars too. Read the Laptop From Hell, Jimmy. Open your eyes.

The White House even has Jim Cramer from CNBC lying to us saying we have the greatest economy since sliced bread. Cramer has lost all credibility and should be fired along with half the news anchors on mainstream media. Let’s do a rundown: Maddow, Lemon, Reed, Cooper come to mind although I’ve never watched their shows. I see enough clips to know they are always on the wrong side of the truth. In fact, they spread lies like my dad used to spread butter. On everything.

These news anchors, late night hosts, social media owners, and now business channel anchors have been used by the left to spread propaganda ever since FOX News came on the air. They are propaganda machines. They have been recruited to debunk the truth that FOX was reporting and to some extent have been successful. But they’ve been lying through their Invisaline retainers. They labeled FOX News “Faux News” years ago, and it stuck with the millennials.

So many people have fallen for their lies and watch them religiously, and therein lies the problem. How do I know they are lying compared to what conservative news reports? Because the proofs in the pudding and eventually gets tasted. They began lying under the Clinton Administration. Shocker. Wonder who got them lying then? [cough] Hillary, the queen of lying. She had the public believing that Monica Lewinski was a lying, fame whore. But that was the birth of FOX News, because we didn’t believe her.

They lied about President Bush relentlessly, and it went into the Obama years as they covered for him during his campaign. They buried the truth of his radical upbringing, birth certificate, connection to a domestic terrorist, and his religion. Then when the public was fooled and he beat John McCain after many slanderous articles were written about John (and they say Trump insulted McCain), we had to endure eight years of coverup of Obama’s activities, lies, and scandals. Too numerous to list. But that was the birth of The Tea Party.

Obama inspired Trump to run for president to clean up the mess he made of the economy that would never come back without a magic wand. Obama spawned the birth of the Green New Deal with the likes of Solyndra which failed after receiving grants from our government. Obama also invested in the Wuhan Lab which we never knew about until the outbreak. Lots of shady deals went down under Obama that we are still feeling the repercussions today. I think his biggest social failures were his “Promise Program” which spawned more school shootings, legalizing pot which has increased the numbers of homeless and unemployed, and same sex marriages which has caused sexual confusion and experimentation in our school age children. And the left claims to hold the badge of dignity and honor. Cough, cough.

The hoaxes the media spread while Trump was president, they are still sticking with today like his involvement with Russia, Ukraine, and inciting a riot. All nonsense. But evidence and facts don’t lie even though our media can’t look at evidence. They won’t even look at the evidence that prove the election was stolen by Biden or that Smollett is guilty or that Rittenhouse is not guilty. Journalism is dead.

But eventually the truth rises to the top and Biden et al will be exposed for all the dirty deeds he has done starting with pay for play, with Hunter as the bagman. Hunter hates himself for what he’s been part of, thus why he gets addicted to crack. His dad ruined him. And now he’s ruining our country. Biden’s a human wrecking ball.

But if Late Night is all Biden can turn to, he’s got a problem. If he were transparent, honest, and dignified like he claims, he’d take his chances with Hannity, Greg Kelly, or Laura Ingraham’s Shows. But he’s a coward as he knows he’d be exposed for who he really is. If he had nothing to hide, he’d go on. Trump, on the other hand, had no problem going on any show as he really didn’t have anything to hide. There’s the “proof in the pudding” right there. As Judge Judy used to say, “If you’re telling the truth, you don’t have to think about your answer.” She may want to revise that old saying to, “If you’re telling the truth, you won’t need cue cards.”

What are you hidin’ Biden? Show us your true self. Go on ONE, just one, conservative news show! I dare you. But not Bret Brair’s, he’s too softball for me. We’ll even pay for viewing it and tell us how you reach across the aisle with Republicans like Jill told us. Jill must be smoking something too. The apples didn’t fall far from their tree. Lying is their “go to” response to every question. Amazing.