Pippi Psaki Reads Lies Written by Staff to Shift Border Crisis onto Trump…

Biden White House pledges data, transparency, respect for free press |  Duluth News Tribune
Press liar.

and not one press core sycophant calls her out on it. Liar, liar, pants on fire like her hair.

No one believes the border surge started under President Trump, yet this administration lies about it daily. “If you tell a lie often enough, they will believe it.” It’s the Nazi way of brainwashing which the Dems have adopted. They must really think we are stupid enough to believe these lies. This administration controls what the media is allowed to report to We the People, except for a couple of radio and tv news channels which they desire to put out of business. It’s all about controlling the news.

Why do the two news channels that do report the truth feign surprise on how Pippi is answering the border questions? They should be used to it by now but continue to act surprised. It is clear that this administration is embarrassed at their failure and want to place the blame onto Trump. Simple as that. “Trump caused the Russian interference, the pandemic, the mass shootings, the riots, the insurrection, the business shutdowns, the climate change, the holocaust, and now the surge at the border.” Who else would they blame?

But seriously, Obama played the blame game for eight years. He constantly put the blame for high unemployment, food stamps, and poor economy onto his predecessor Bush. This is their SOP–standard operating practice. Biden has taken the baton from Obama. He is also claiming he inherited the worst economy since the great depression which is what Obama used to say. Amazing how that works. What he fails to say is that Trump’s economy was booming until the pandemic was unleashed on us by CHINA and we were forced to shutdown businesses for two weeks but blue states continued the shutdown for over a year in an attempt to hurt the election for Trump. That actually ruined our economy and barely hurt Trump; but the left is solely responsible, not Trump.

Some California companies have remained closed to employees for over a year out of fear of possibly getting sued by employees catching covid. So paranoid. Can’t believe business owners are actually this stupid but were able to make money prior to covid. Amazing. It’s like everyone has lost their brain due to covid. And people have lost their liberation and freedom due to covid. We have become a nation of wimps, in my eyes. I can’t stand to look at all of these compliant emasculated sheep. Drop the mask, already!

Someone in the newsroom needs set the record straight. They need to emphatically correct the lies Pippi is telling on camera to the press core rather than feign surprise. Instead they report the lies as though they are possible which makes us want to throw a shoe at the tv. They have the airtime but waste it on nonsense. The left has taken over everything, we don’t need them to water down our few remaining conservative news voices. Can we get rid of Chris Wallace and Juan Williams already? They are the epitome of a waste of airtime when they speak.

Another big lie the left is spreading is that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful organization that wants to help the underprivileged blacks. Not so. They want to intimidate, rewrite, and destroy America and its history as we know it. And they’re doing a good job of it because the media backs them up together with stupid Hollywood and sports characters like Milano, Midriff, and LeBron. Notice they were quick to drop Caitlin Jenner once she voiced a conservative view. They are the real racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, misogynist, intolerant ones, not us.