Skills we Once had are Being Lost Forever.

As this generation ages some of the skills we learned as a young person are beginning, if not already, to fade into the sunset. Skills we may have even learned in high school but are no longer taught. With the advent of the personal computer many children have not learned to spell or even write their name in cursive. Everything is done on computer now. Spell check and DocuSign for instance have made us a lazy society that used to look up words in the dictionary. I still do.

Stenography was something we girls had to learn in high school and continued in college to become an efficient secretary as well as Business English and Typing. You couldn’t get a personal assistance job without the skills above. But now all they require is a college degree in anything and possibly a sexy outfit.

Another skill that has gone by the wayside is mechanical drawing or drafting which I made a career out of but was replaced by Autodesk computer. A computer designing and drawing plans just doesn’t have the same allure as I loved to draw and why I took it up and changed my career. Land Surveying has changed too with electronic measuring devices rather than pulling the change.

I’m sure the auto industry has lost many skills that workers once used and now are being done by machines. Even doctors now have computer files on patients rather that writing in a file. The skill of handwriting is slowly disappearing. Can doctors even write? Maybe not. No wonder their prescription pads are illegible.

Calligraphy was once a skill that many learned to design beautiful cards and notes. Done by computers now. Knitting is done by machines as well as tapestry. Crocheting was a skill my grandmother was expert at, but I doubt if anyone knows how to do that any longer. My mother was an expert knitter and seamstress. When I told my son I made my own prom dresses, he was shocked. “You were so poor you had to sew your own dresses?” he asked. Well, I actually liked designing something original; and, yes, we were always on a budget when we were in school. I sewed most of my dresses.

Do children of today have any of these skills? Can boys make a model airplane from balsa wood? My brothers did, and they even had little motors on them. Can kids make their own skateboards from an abandoned orange or Coca Cola crate and old key skate wheels? I doubt it. They are so spoiled with several types of skateboards before they are even old enough to ride a bike.

My point is the kids of today lack skills that we once were required to learn just to get a decent job. Even as a salesgirl, we needed to know how to make change in our head, but computer registers do that for you too. Everything is done for us making us a lazy and frankly unskillful society.

Cars of today don’t even let you use your skills to parallel park or backup your car out of the garage. They have to put a screen in the car for one to view like we are morons. We are teaching our youth that we don’t trust them to learn anything so instead some are teaching themselves the skill of robbing a store using facebook to get as many youth together to storm the store and steal whatever they want before the police arrive. These are the new skills of the youth today: stealing, Tiktok posting, video gaming, graffiti, influencing, holding signs in the street. Wonderful. Congratulations!

I notice reading is way down on the list of skills as well. Open a book and learn to read a story that someone spent months to write and get published. Cooking seems to have their interest but let’s be real, they’ll never be able to compete with all the students that can afford to go to culinary school. Basketball is one skill they still seem to be attracted to as well as playing the guitar. Chances are they won’t be able to make a living off of either.

Our education system has failed our youth and especially in the last two years trying to make the schools more concerned with diversity, gender neutrality, and sexual education rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic. How did this help our youth? It hasn’t. It has confused many into believing they were born with the wrong gender rather than learning a skill that could get them a job once they graduate. Do they even offer Shop Class or Physical Education any longer in high school? Automotive skills are going by the wayside too. We can’t change a tire or oil in our own cars. Whereas my father and brothers always did that. Another skill lost.

Where are we headed? They even have a computer that can vacuum on its own. A lazy society is where we are headed. And you know the old saying: Idol hands are a devil’s workshop as evidenced by the increase in crime in NYC, SF, and Chicago. It will spread to smaller cities, if we don’t get ahold of it.

Biden and Obama are prime examples of never possessing any skills and, therefore, why others ran the country rather than them. They were both empty suits controlled by the radical left. They obviously want to spread a unskillful society onto others based on the cults they are pushing on us like transgenderism and climate change. Goofy stuff.