BLM and Antifa Embarrass the U.S. on World Stage.

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Other countries are mocking our response to BLM and Antifa violence in our country, as they well should. BLM and Antifa make our country look racist and out of control. We can’t really call out other countries for assassinations, violence, and human rights when we are allowing our citizens to be murdered in the streets and businesses burned by BLM and Antifa.

Biden lies on the world stage saying that literal criminals entered cordoned off areas around the capitol and killed a police officer. 100% complete lie. No police officer was murdered! In fact, Biden has his facts backwards. A capitol police officer murdered Ashli Babbitt and hasn’t been held accountable. In fact, he is a member of BLM working in our capitol. Shameful. He also had to slip in the lie about Russian inference in our 2016 election which has been debunked.

Facts are slowly coming out that FBI agents were working undercover in the crowd and instigated the breach of the capitol. Capitol police allowed demonstrators to enter the building. These demonstrators were set up as they were later rounded up and jailed for trespassing. More and more we are finding that the capitol riot was planned weeks ahead in order to disrupt the results of the election. Who benefitted from the riot? The Democrats. Duh!

We have to start looking at who benefits from any crisis and then come up with who caused it. For instance, who benefitted from the world pandemic? Ummmm…let me think? China and Biden. Funny how that works. Who benefitted from the breach of the capitol? Biden and the Democrats. Who’s benefitting from the crisis at our border? Future Democrat voter rolls. Who benefitted from the death of Epstein? Hummm…Clinton? See where I’m going? We could go all the way back to who benefitted from the assassination of JFK then work from there.

But getting back to BLM et al, they started out burning down cities, police stations, and cars in order to resist Trump’s presidency and under the direction of the Democrats. But now that it is continuing, they are embarrassing Biden on the world stage because he and Kammie support BLM and can’t jump ship now. I think they overplayed their hand and it will bite them in the a–.

Even Putin used BLM against us and Biden had to defend BLM. How embarrassing for our country that our enemies are smarter than we are. Putin said he’d never allow BLM to take hold in his country. Maybe we could use a little Putin logic when it comes to our country. We obviously aren’t using any logic at all.


I started this blog site in order to defend Trump from all the lies the media was spreading about him. Now that Trump is out of office, I am defending our country from all the lies the media and “sippy cup” (love that nickname Hannity has given him) Biden is spreading about our country and conservatives. Sippy cup even denigrated Republicans on the world stage. Mr. Uniter at it again.