What’s Behind all the Transgender and Racial Executive Orders?

Joe Biden picks transgender woman as assistant health secretary

Is Biden trying to tell us something? Has he been dressing in women’s underwear or maybe Hunter? I wouldn’t put it past either of them. But seriously now, is this the biggest problem America is facing? Of course not! But the radical left is running the country right now…into the gutter. They are possibly heading us straight into a war with an enemy because we are distracted with transgender issues, fake impeachments, racial equity (whatever that means), and playing the blame game over how governors have failed at dispersing their allotment of vaccines. We look like a mess in the eyes of our enemies and what better time to attack us? Last time when we were distracted with a fake impeachment, we got hit with a bioweapon from China, IMO. Way to go, Biden.

All this transgender crap is trivial nonsense. Transgenders shouldn’t be allowed to compete against girls in sports as they have different hormones and muscles than girls. This bill will set women in sports back a generation and possibly force them to take male hormones. Transgenders should not be allowed to get sex change operations paid for by the government when they are enlisted in our military. Period. Case closed. Trump had it right. Biden is on the wrong side of this issue. Biden picked an activist transgender to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services. Wow! Is he/she a vision of health? An overweight man wearing a women’s blonde wig conjuring up visions of Dressed to Kill. What is America coming to?

Biden ran on making his cabinet reflect on how America looks. I’ve never seen a transgender and rarely see Blacks where I live. So making America look like minorities is what he should have ran on. Minorities are still minorities. They aren’t the face of America. He should have said he is going to make his cabinet reflect a big city like New York City or San Francisco. Not America.

Our military will end up looking like an episode of M.A.S.H. which portrayed a soldier frequently dressed in drag so he could be discharged from the military. Can you envision an attack on a military base with men caught off guard in stilettos running out of their barracks? Just saying.

Why is Biden signing all these racial equality and equity executive actions? So he can make it appear like Trump was a racist president so he needs to correct the injustice. Reality is, Trump did more for the Blacks than any previous president in history even lessening prison sentences. What I really think racial equity means is: it’s the first step to introducing reparations whereby we send a check every month to every Black person in America for past slavery. The problem is, this will enable them to be more dependent on government than they already are. Not good or inspiring for them. We will be enablers. This will set Blacks back a generation. Way to go, Biden.

DOW is down again since Biden took office–the longest consecutive days since covid broke out. We are heading below 30,000 soon. Media is burying the story. Way to go, Biden. If this was Trump in office, it would be frontpage news. “Stocks tumble for fifth consecutive day under Trump!” Investors can see the writing on the wall even though some of them voted for Biden. Unemployment will soar as jobs are being eliminated at a record pace.

And lastly, can the media and their guests cut with the feigned surprise over Biden’s inability to speak or answer questions without flubbing up and over the bills he promised to sign? We all knew what we were getting. He told us in his inarticulate way. This should not come as a surprise. Just grin and bear with it. It’s only four years. :</

Stay tuned.