Violent Riots Have Backfired in Democrats’ Faces.



After months of lying that the mob’s rioting, looting, murders, and arson were a myth or summer of love or peaceful protests or people will do what they do, now the Democrats are denouncing the mob’s violence as Trump’s America. It’s laughable! They never mentioned the mob during their week- long convention. In fact, they praised BLM.

It’s too little, too late. You blew your last hoax, Dems.  It never was about racial inequality.  Never was.  Now you try to pawn the mob’s violence onto Trump like he wants the mob protesting racial inequality?  Trump’s behind all the protests?  You can’t have it both ways.  The mob are either protesting racial inequality or Trump is encouraging the mob to protest to help his campaign.  Which is it?  Take your pick. You’ve been caught. The jig is up.

This theory would be akin to an apprehended bank robber blaming his heist on the security guard who tried to stop him by saying he stoked him to rob the bank in order for him to keep his job which doesn’t make sense; just like Trump stoking the violence in order to keep his job doesn’t make sense.

We all know the truth. They were protesting under the guise of racial inequality to effect the next election by saying Trump has lost control of the country.  But the Democrats finally noticed that the riots are not sitting well with focus groups.  News flash.  Trump does not control these Democrat cities. Mayors control their cities until they lose control, then they ask for help from the Federal Government which they have refused. Nice try again, Biden. And don’t forget the Biden and Kamala campaigns have been posting bail for the rioters. Shhhhush!  It’s a secret.

Biden said yesterday that Trump is so desperate that he’ll do anything to hold onto power.  Doesn’t that sound a lot like the Democrats when they tried to pin Russia Collusion hoax onto Trump then the Ukraine hoax, now the violence hoax?  Projection much, Biden? Remember whatever they ARE DOING they will accuse Trump of.  Just didn’t realize they’ve become so obvious. He also said that Trump is toxic, and we have to rid ourselves of this toxin. The only toxin I see is the mob. We need to rid ourselves of them.

Biden will go down as the biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry.  He was against fracking before he was for it. He was for Medicare for All before he was against it. He was for the Iraq War before he was against it. He was for the rioting before he was against it. He was for a national mask mandate before he was against it. He was against killing Bin Laden before he was for it. He was against banning flights from China before he was for it. He was against fossil fuel industry before he was for it. He was against busing before he was for it.  He was for socialism before he was against it. He was for defunding the police before he was against it and many more. He changes his mind (what’s left of it) so often, it’s giving me whiplash.

And most of these flip-flops are within a matter of weeks.  What you see with Biden, is not what you’ll get.  He isn’t transparent like Trump. He’s a chameleon that changes colors for the situation. He’s a robot that you can program to say whatever you want him to. Otherwise he wouldn’t have asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist that will have a soft spot for rioters?”  He’ll rue the day he asked that.  BTW what do radical socialists look like?  Obama, Michelle, Bernie, Kamala, Ayers, Warren, Beto, Rashida, AOC and the squad. I think he fits in just fine.

Lastly, has anyone noticed that if a conservative shoots a rioter in self defense he becomes front page news and is immediately considered guilty of murder and incarcerated but when the mob kills an innocent bystander or a policeman or executes a Trump supporter, we never hear their name or if they even got arrested?  This boggles my mind.

The rioters that attacked Rand Paul and his wife have no names nor have they been arrested.  Where’s the FBI and why haven’t they converged on this yet? Chris Wray where are you?  They certainly converged on NASCAR Watson’s fake noose story real fast. The Black guy that shot a seven year old boy in the head has no name.  Was he even arrested?

Bottom line: The media protects the mob and vilifies conservatives especially if they defend themselves. I guess conservatives have to surrender to the mob and just be killed.  That would make the media happier. And the FBI has selective outrage.