Drop the Mask!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Drop the charade! We’re onto you, virtual-signaling sheep. Yesterday while visiting a popular West Marin destination for lunch, we were shocked to find that the little sleepy town had been invaded by a herd of mindless sheep wandering up and down the streets wearing huge masks. No offense to sheep. Literally not one person in this town was maskless outside. It looked like a scene from some sort of disaster movie like Outbreak.

My husband and I are fully vaccinated as well as most of the zombies walking in this town judging by their age, but common sense has left their brains and replaced by some allegiance to Biden’s national mask mandate or Newsom’s, not sure which. Either way it is offensive to me as a lover of nature and quaint towns. This town is no longer on my visitation list. The side-eye and stink-eye looks we were getting for not wearing a mask was palpable. What else was palpable was that this town was filled with 100% Democrats. Not one person in this town voted for Trump. Gives one the creeps. We felt like outcasts.

What else is off my list? Friedman’s Hardware store. There’s a lady outside who I assume has not read the news that the virus does not linger on surfaces as she is still washing down shopping carts and yelling at anyone who walks past her without a mask. She chased me into the store calling on her walkie talkie for the manager cause my mask wasn’t put on soon enough. She’s on a power trip. I will never shop there again. She’s out of her mind and fit to be tied or lassoed.

Science now says that if one is vaccinated they cannot carry the virus and spread it. Tell this to the stores. They seem to be uninformed or either just listening to dumbo Biden. Biden wants us wearing masks until the year 2024 through the next election so he can warrant mail in ballots again. It worked before, why not try it again? And these people are falling in lockstep to his demands.

But I am getting sick of the mask-wearing public. They make me nauseous. I can’t stand to look at them any longer. I want to say something but bite my tongue. The mask donning couple walking their dog; I want to ask, shouldn’t your dog be wearing a mask? But I refrain. The lone woman in a car donning mask; I want to ask, does you car have covid? But I refrain. The lone hiker in the Sierras donning a mask; I want to ask, do the deer carry covid? But I refrain. The flagman stopping cars on the road donning a mask; I want to ask, do car fumes carry covid? But I refrain. But these sheep never refrain from virtue signaling us do they?

One store manager saying wearing the mask saves lives. Gee, and wouldn’t I want to save lives? I guess not, since he caught me with the mask below my nostrils. My bad. If this isn’t a mass attempt to virtue signal every person in America, I don’t know what is. And it makes me sick. At some point I will refuse to wear the nonsensical mask and I jokingly ask my husband if he’ll bail me out if I get arrested?

To all the stores that are participating in this nonsense, be aware that you are losing customers daily. You treat them like the dirt you sell. You have no memory of the old adage “the customer is always right.” There’s no loyalty to a frequent customer any longer, just rules and restrictions. You’re on some sort of power trip and need to get off your high horse, because when covid is completely eradicated you’ll return to nothing more than a clerk in a store asking paper or plastic. And I can’t wait for that day because of the way you’ve treated the consumer for over a year now.