We Had a Bad Day!

We Had a Bad Day.

I went to bed last night feeling robbed again. A pit was in my stomach that remains this morning. I can’t believe voters don’t vote their biggest issues and sometimes split the ticket which screws things up. I was really proud of the way Florida and Texas voted and will be pleased with Nevada’s results once they are in but what happened everywhere else?

Arizona is looking dumber than a rock. They can’t count votes in a timely manner, and they voted for a women who refused to debate Kari Lake. Ashamed of Arizona. We had a few rock stars last night: Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, Kemp, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Laxalt. And I think we will have a new Republican governor in Nevada. ‘Bout time. Silver lining.

Trump endorsements were hit and miss but he did so many of them. I wish Dr. Oz would have won but it seems there is an evil element in politics that will be hard to break away from. I hope Kari Lake wins as she was a rock star. I hope Walker wins in Georgia but we have to be patience. The Red Wave promised by the pundits seems more like a tremor.

We were never sure if we could take over the Senate and still is up for grabs. But the House is close too which almost gives Biden a mandate to continue with his climate change policies which are killing the economy. I can’t believe people who hated the education system, crime, inflation, and border crisis had the nerve to vote for any Democrat. I feel like I did after Romney lost to Obama. It was a shock but the gullibles believe anything the media tells them, and they slandered Romney pretty badly just like they have done to Walker, Oz, and Lake. Never underestimate the power of slander. It works in politics.

Never underestimate the power of abortion activists who are feminists. Lots of Hollywood money went into voting against those states that were happy with the SCOTUS decision. In fact, the Democrats out spent us in all the races.

I’m sure these results have given goofball Biden a reason to run in 2024 and maybe Trump is rethinking his decision to run after seeing how well DeSantis did. Trump has so many false lies tied to his reputation that he could never shake which makes him a polarizing figure. It may be time for a few of his protégés to take the baton of America First.

The only good thing coming out of this election is that we will take the House and get a new Speaker. That will be a start. Maybe we can end the January 6th Commission too. One thing we did learn last night is that it will take baby steps to get our country out of the jaws of evil. We are in too deep! We have to rejoice at every little win.