Last Night’s Debate: Smugness vs. Composure.



As expected the moderator, who apparently is writing a book about Nancy Pelosi (biased much?), was in the Harris camp out the starting gate. She allowed Kamala to drone on with her well- rehearsed animated speeches but continually cut off Mike in mid-thought. It was definitely unfair just like the first debate between Trump and Biden. Can’t we get a fair moderator? Even the debates between Trump and Hillary seemed a little more evenhanded. All the premises of the questions favored Biden before even getting the answers. I think the public is starting to catch on and see through these moderators.

But as God had to intervene when he saw it was being unfair, he showed Kamala’s true colors with her expressions of haughtiness and dismissiveness which looked more like she had sucked on a lemon. She was condescending, grimacing, squinting, grinning, head shaking, and all out smug. She couldn’t help herself. “I will not be lectured by the vice president on our record what we have done on terms of law enforcement and keeping our communities safe.” Really? She actually encouraged people to go to the streets and fight and then helped bail them out when they got arrested. Her and Biden support BLM and vice versa. Someone needs to lecture her like a teenager.

Not one tough question for Kamala about her record as a prosecutor or a senator or her current stance on fracking, packing, Green New Deal, fossil fuel, or her hypocrisy of smoking pot when it was illegal yet putting kids in jail for doing the same. Subjects had to be introduced by Pence himself as the moderator was worthless. The moderator asks Kamala about Biden’s health and transparency and she immediately jumps to Trump’s taxes. Moderator gets another “F” grade.

Mike was able to rattle Kamala’s cage more than once when he tried to make her take a stance on packing the court. She refused to answer but rather spun the question into Honest Abe and Trump’s picks for lower courts which were not Black, which made no sense. She was a master of spinning the question into a completely different subject.

For instance, the first question was whether she would impose new lockdowns for covid again and enforce a national mask mandate. She completely changed the subject to how terrible a job Trump has done avoiding the answer altogether. But does the moderator say you didn’t answer my question? Of course, not. It was clear from that moment on how the moderator would run this debate.

Kamala’s recurrent charge of the night was “the ineptitude of the Trump Administration.” When she really got rattled she resorted to conjuring up old slanders: Trump calls white supremacists fine people and won’t denounce the KKK, he inherited a growing economy and turned it into a recession, he called fallen soldiers ‘suckers and losers‘, Trump paid 750 dollars in taxes and is in debt, Russia interfered in the last election according to Chris Wray, Trump saidJohn McCain was not a hero‘, Trump enacted a Muslim ban, and Trump called Mexicans ‘racists and criminals.’ She couldn’t stop herself. When a Democrat is losing they resort to name calling and lies, like Biden did in the last debate. Notice composed Pence never went there with Kamala.

Mike stood up to the moderator when he said, thank you for that question but I need to follow up on the last comments made by Kamala. The moderator said, no we need to move on in an effort to protect Kamala, but Mike ignored her. He saw the writing on the wall at that point.

According to Harris, apparently if your parents make less that $125,000 you can get free tuition at a university. Wow! Almost makes it a goal not to do well at your job if want your kids have a free college. Go back to the Democrat Primary debates and listen to Biden and Kamala promising to end fossil fuel and fracking. Look at the tape. Kamala bullies the moderator and says, please let me finish as he interrupted me. The moderator kowtows.

“You are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts,” Pence tells Kamala more than once. “China is to blame for the coronavirus!” Pence made that clear. Pence also put the lie that “America is a systemic racist country” to bed.

Bottom line: Pence had a grasp on all the facts and Harris is the purveyor of rumors, slanders, and outright lies. Trump should make a montage of all her expressions during this debate. If this nasty, bossy woman becomes VP, God help our country. She’s like Hillary on steroids. She failed the likability test. And we don’t deserve a woman like this one heartbeat away from the presidency.