The Battle of the Red States vs. Blue States = Good Governors vs. Politicized Governors.

Governors 2019-2020: Democrats Try to Hold the Line in Red-State ...


This is what it’s come down to.  We are at a point during this virus crisis where in order to bring our country back economically as well as maintain control of the outbreak it will depend on how our states are handled.  Unfortunately, I own property in two blue states with governors that are playing politics with the virus trying to ruin businesses so that it will NOT bring back our economy. Newsom has extended the shutdown for two more weeks in some counties and schools remain closed.

In the meantime, while these knuckleheads play politics with our lives and our livelihood our grandkids are not allowed to go to school, golf courses remain closed, casinos remain closed, restaurants remain closed, department stores remain closed, rivers remain closed, beaches remain closed, companies remain closed, and small businesses remain closed; but liquor stores and pot stores are open for business.

The way these governors are picking winners and losers is discriminatory.  They are taking away our civil liberties little by little in the name of their agendas like the Green New Deal.  Hillary and Biden even admitted it in some weird teleconference together. Some companies are allowed to be open as they are labeled “essential businesses.” I doubt if a pot store is essential or planned parenthood.

And what’s with Biden?  He stands next to his wife like a cardboard cutout with no expression and let’s his wife babble on about him.  Is this really what the Democrats want for a president, a sock puppet? What an embarrassment–a president that has someone else talking for him.  This is the most ridiculous candidate I have ever seen run for president, and he’s getting endorsed by all the women who ran on women empowerment?  These women endorsing him have lost all credibility, and they had little to begin with. What a bunch of sycophant losers trying to ride on Biden’s coattails all the while selling out their souls.  They have no integrity if they support Biden with his sexual assault claims silently hanging over his head.  And the fake news media fails to report. But I digress.

But what IS essential is full healthcare coverage that we pay for like health screenings and testing but aren’t getting them.  I need a mammogram but they won’t let me yet I’m in the age range they are apparently protecting from the bat virus!  Why can’t people be screened for other diseases other than bat virus?  Or is only the bat virus a serious threat and cancer is not?  People should be able to get full service from their healthcare providers during this bat virus crisis. Again they are picking and choosing what is right for us but we know better.  Vote these crazy governors out.

And this Fauci character:  He needs to shut the hell up.  For him to say the bat virus may come back in the Fall and next year is just him covering his ass in case it does and giving the Democrats reason to keep their states closed even longer in order to hurt Trump.  And if it doesn’t come back he’ll say, he was erring on the side of health and safety.  This is all becoming a set up.

Fauci appears as a guest on all the news shows like he’s some kind of celebrity.  He’s not!  He’s a bureaucrat with an agenda.  Trump needs to distance himself from Fauci. And as usual, the fake news media puts Fauci and Cuomo on a pedestal even though they’ve screwed up during this pandemic but blame Trump.  Whenever the fake news media adores someone, a red flag pops up. That person’s opinions need to be taken with large portions of salt. But I digress.

If I owned a small business I would secretly open it already and take the chances. These owners are paying for rent, utilities, insurance, but aren’t allowed to open?  I don’t think so.   What right do these corrupt knucklehead governors have to ruin someone’s livelihood so that it will hurt Trump?  No right.  Businesses need to slowly open despite these governors and stand up for their rights.  Don’t even wait for the governors to give them the word on whether it is safe or not.  If it’s safe enough to go into a grocery store or convenience store, it’s safe enough to go into Macy’s or the corner boutique. Use your common sense and safe practices and open up already.  Enough is enough. We’ve had enough of this nonsense.

Protest your liberal state governors when you can and try opening your companies.  I hear even in L.A. companies are secretly opening despite their governor and mayor.  People need to work.  AOC and her ilk don’t want anyone working.  Nancy wants America to live off a living wage given out by the government.  This is sick.  If no one works we will turn into a third world country with high crime rates, anarchy, and poor health conditions.  If protecting our health is what started this whole shutdown fiasco, ironically ruining our health will be the result if this continues.



“Paradoxical Effect of Job Loss and Isolation Will Destroy More Lives Than the Virus Itself.”

doctor pointing x ray result beside man wearing black suit
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Dr. Phil, psychologist, on the Ingraham Angle said, and I’m paraphrasing:

“There’s no x-ray for depression or anxiety.  There’s a tipping point where the problems of staying in lock up at home create more death and destruction in time than the virus itself.  Poverty kills more people. 

The fallout from this shut down will last for years as people’s lives are being destroyed.  A perfect storm of isolation and loneliness will cause people to suffer from heart disease and dementia. A paradoxical effect that will destroy more lives if you keep them home.

Seniors’ bodies will start to break down during a lock up. They need to protect themselves and do what they believe in. People are ingrained to protect themselves not hide in a cave. 

Children staying home without school are suffering too.  Parents aren’t trained to teach school.  Parents are over stressed trying to teach their children and put food on the table as well as work from home.”

The likes of Doctors Fauci and Birx are clueless to the psychology effects on people nor do they care.  They care about their specific scientific “field of expertise” but not the economy nor psychology. Thank you Dr. Phil for swallowing your pride and going on FOX to relay this message. He also went on to say that we probably shouldn’t have done the lock up in the first place; but now that were here, it needs to end. It will do more harm than prevention.


Thank you President Trump for the Three Phase Guideline for reopening of America.  It was the best news I’ve heard in months. It was genius and timely.  It made my day.  I was losing hope in America. Let’s pray that the governors will put politics aside and implement these guidelines in a timely manner. These guidelines were specific enough yet left room for states’ particular needs and concerns for the governors to interpret. I heard Jacksonville, Florida, opened their beaches today with proper social distancing. Little by little the governors will start to allow places to open up in stages.  It’s great.

If the governors ignore this Three Phase Guideline and plead for a vaccine first like I heard last night on CNN, we’ll know that they’re just being political and irrational as vaccines take months, if not years, to test. Trump will have to intervene if they don’t follow them.  That’s his job.  Buck stops at his desk.

This could become the “Battle of Red States versus Blue States” to see which are more successful recovering from both the pandemic crisis and economic downfall. Gov. Cuomo is already whining that he needs more money from the Feds for testing and Pelosi says the guidelines are too vague.  That either means she’s not smart enough to comprehend them or just had to say something negative.  She’s never had a kind word for Trump.

We are at war now and need the weapons at hand now, not two years from now. Let’s get out of lock up and get moving again for the sake of our mental health.