BLM = Boisterous Lazy Malcontents


people protesting and holding signs
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Or Belligerent Looting Marxists. Whatever they are behaving like, this is no longer a Black movement.  This is not the original Black Lives Matter. It has been hijacked or morphed into by mostly White, loudmouth, lowlife females like AOC and her ilk.  The Blacks should be ashamed for letting their movement be hijacked by a mob of feminists.  I thought they were stronger than this.  I guess not.

When this all started as a peaceful protest of the way George Floyd was killed, it made sense.  But that lasted for a hot minute.  Now we have all these activists running around towns and cities destroying our history, assaulting police, and staging hate crimes. It is disgusting. Yesterday they attacked one of their own, a gay, Democrat politician, seriously injuring him. These thugs are equal opportunity assailants.

And where are the Republicans in all this mayhem?  Aside from a few congressmen and senators, they remain silent as church mice.  Where are you now Colin Powell (so-called Republican that said he’d vote for Biden) and Romney?  Why are you so silent? Where are you George and JEB?  Why so silent? Where is Clint Eastwood now?  Why so silent? Why is it always up to Trump to be the only one defending our country? Show him some support by coming out and making a statement against this anarchy and tumult in our cities.  Stop being cowardice.

“Logan Act” Biden is a loser stuck in his basement wearing a stupid mask like a coward. He recently lied about having anything to do with General Flynn’s investigation yet evidence has now turned up from the infamous meeting with Obama that it was he that suggested going after Flynn with the Logan Act.  It’s all written down in their notes. Sorry Biden.  Your “playing dumb” jig is up.

Lyin’ Biden hasn’t had a press conference in 83 days.  He has made no statement on whether he approves of this rioting and melee or not.  At least Cuomo has admitted he approves of removing statues as an expression of their feelings or some other bleeding heart nonsense like that. What are you hiding from Biden?  Afraid to answer questions?  Show us where you stand on these issues!

Here’s what needs to be done:

  1.  Make it a crime punishable by five years for burning the American flag.
  2.  Make it a crime punishable by ten years for toppling a statue or defacing monuments or churches.
  3.  Make it a crime punishable by three years for defacing a building, car, street, or structure with graffiti, fire, or broken windows.
  4.  Make it a crime punishable by six months for putting up a tent on public property without a permit.
  5.  Make it a crime punishable by three years for faking a hate crime.
  6.  Make it a crime punishable by four years for assaulting a police officer.
  7.  Make it a crime punishable by ten years for taking over city streets with barricades and guns.
  8.  Make it a crime punishable by six months for destroying or removing a political campaign sign.

I’m sure most of these are already crimes but they need to be enforced.  Just because one is protesting does not make the aforementioned legal, but that seems to be what has been going on. Peaceful assembly is legal, not taking over city streets with barricades, fires, and rioters. What we are witnessing live on tv looks like something from a third world country.

These clueless liberal mayors need to be removed by the National Guard if they don’t enforce the law, like DeBlasio, Washington D.C.’s, Durkan, and Atlanta’s mayors.  They are ruining property values for tax paying business owners and are enabling this riotous behavior to fester. They are allowing statues to be toppled and destroyed.  When you give the mob an inch, they’ll take a mile; and this is what they’re doing.

Black lives matter is nothing more than mostly White, boisterous lazy malcontents.  They’ve never accomplished a thing. The original BLM movement is no longer applicable. It is not about police brutality or the death of George Floyd.  It is about ruining our history and cities in the name of causing melee and chaos in order to force Trump out of office. Make him resign. Overtake him by violence.

But be careful, malcontents, it may backfire.  Trump and AG Barr are the only ones defending the country. No one wants to live in the tumultuous world you desire.  No one.  No one wants to overtake the presidency. No one with half a brain does anyway.

crowd of protesters holding signs
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