Recap of the Lies Biden Told in his Final Debate with Trump.


Inside Joe Biden's 2020 Presidential Campaign

The post below was posted the night after the final debate between Trump and Biden. Why is it that a mere observer, not a journalist, could see through Biden’s lies, yet it took whistleblowers to finally confirm that the 50 former Intelligence Agents lied on the letter stating the laptop had all the earmarks of Russian Disinformation? I never believed one word of that. In my experience, when you lie about one thing, everything else you say is questionable.

Below is how I saw it after the debate:

They weren’t white lies or subtle lies or even exaggerations, they were outright, boldface, provable lies. Biden denied calling Trump xenophobic and racist when Trump banned flights from China to prevent incoming cases of covid. It’s on tape. Now he’s saying Trump banned flights after forty other countries did. Must have pulled that fact out of his ass. He also said Trump did virtually nothing for covid which is a complete and utter lie. Seems Joe wants to blame Trump for the virus itself. He also repeats a lie that Trump said to inject bleach. He never said that even jokingly.

“I don’t look at this as red states and blue states. Look at the states where covid is spiking. It’s the red states,” says Joe caught in his own lie. He lied when he said Trump went to wall street and told them to sell short. That was a lie and probably what Joe himself was doing. He projects. “Rudy Giuliani is being used as a Russian pawn.” Another whopper.

“I have not taken one penny from any foreign source in my life.” Then he deflected to Trump’s tax returns again in which Trump said he pays estimated taxes every year which means at the end of the year he owes much less. Anyone with a business knows about prepaid estimated taxes but apparently Joe does not as he’s never run a business. Biden actually has been receiving kickbacks through his son’s “selling access to the VP” in foreign countries and probably not claiming it on his tax returns. The Attorney General needs to pull Biden’s bank statements and raid his house in the wee hours of the night like they did to Roger Stone. Would love to see that.

Joe says, Nothing Hunter did in Ukraine was unethical because the witnesses in Trump’s impeachment said Biden had done his job without one single thing out of line. Keep in mind these witnesses were part of the Deep State Coup to take down Trump. Biden said, “Trump embraces thugs and pokes his finger in the eyes of our allies.” Really? Ask Israel and the other Middle East countries that signed a peace deal orchestrated by none other than…Trump!

Biden said that ICE ripped children from their parents arms and now they can’t find their parents. But he wouldn’t admit that Obama built the cages at the border. Refused to answer the question. Biden also claimed that “catch and release” was giving illegals an order to come back to court and they always came back. That is a lie. Trump got rid of catch and release. Whenever Biden had a follow up comment to an issue, the moderator allowed it; but when Trump had one, she rudely cut him off over thirty times. There was obvious bias on display during this debate much like the first one. She treated Biden like a baby.

“Not one single person lost their private plan under Obamacare. Trump wants to take away pre-existing conditions from everyone’s healthcare insurance,” more lies from Biden. Biden said he never ever called Blacks super predators. Another lie. Criminal Justice Reform was initiated by the Trump then Biden said Obama initiated it. Another lie. Then Biden says we know his character. Character is on the ballot. That took gall.

Biden continues with, Fifty former Intelligence Agents says the laptop story is garbage from Russia. More lies. Trump is one of the most racist presidents in American history. He banned Muslims from coming to our country. More lies. Biden interrupted Trump many times with snide comments as his mic was not turned off. Trump remained respectful of the rules.

“I never said I oppose fracking!” Biden said empathically. Huge whopper! It’s all on tape. I was appalled by his audacity to make these lies.

BIGGEST TRUTH OF THE NIGHT: Trump asks Biden, “Would you close down the oil industry?”

“Yes, I would transition out of the oil industry and stop giving federal subsidies to oil because they pollute.” He then said, “We don’t give subsidies to wind and solar.”

Trump said, “Yes we do.” So you see. Biden knows nothing about the government even though he’s been there for 47 years. Trump knows more in four years that Biden does in 47. Shutting down oil was a big time Freudian slip up, and he will catch flack for that today.

“We haven’t been getting honor, decency, dignity, and respect in the last four years,” Biden’s final lie. And Biden will bring decency to the White House with all the criminal activity he’s involved up to his eyeballs in? I…don’t…think…so. Biden lied through his false teeth too many times to count.

We now know the 50 agents signed the letter to give Biden a talking point during his last debate to debunk laptopgate. Scandalous, deceitful, and duplicitous.