Student Loan Debt Controversy.

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So the Democrats want to pay off every college student loan for up to S50,000 each? Are they out of their minds? That’s a rhetorical question. This is not the deal these students and parents agreed to. Their parents didn’t save up for their four year college education like the rest of us, so now we have to bail them out? $50,000 is a huge amount for one student. If they chose to go to an expensive university, that’s on them; not the rest of us. What ever happened to two years of junior college and two years at state? That saves a ton of money. What kind of a message does this send to these graduates: they don’t have to honor a contract, the government will bail them out, and they don’t have to find a job to pay off their loans. Pocahontas is out of her mind. What’s next, a chicken in every pot, as John Kasich the RINO once said.

We used our line of credit on our home to pay for our first two sons’ education, then sold our home for the third one’s. The equity from our sale paid off our line of credit and the third one’s four years. Then we moved out of overpriced, liberal California. We thought it was genius as we got out of dodge and paid for their college in one move. Any more years of college would be on them. The third chose to go to law school at his own expense and has paid it off on his own. Will he get reimbursed for being conscientious? Of course not. Where are the Democrats heading with this? I suspect free college for all. It is the first step in that direction. Taxpayers be damned. The Democrats will cheapen the value of a college degree, bigly.

My oldest son has basically been in lockdown in Los Angeles since the first covid shutdown. Restaurants, bars, stores, some beaches, parking along the beach, his office, theaters, salons, gyms, etc. all closed. He even parted ways with his long time girlfriend during covid for a myriad of reasons. But it’s tough being a single guy trying to date with covid and in a city that is basically shutdown. Where do you take a date? Do you wear a mask? Do you kiss? Answer: Walks along hiking trails or drives to the mountains. Kissing at your own risk.

This week he drove north to Tahoe on the Nevada side. He stopped at a restaurant that he saw was open along Highway 395 to get takeout food. When he stepped inside he was bumfuzzled to see a room full of patrons drinking, laughing, and all out enjoying themselves without masks on while watching sports on big screen tvs. He had instant deja’ vu of what his life used to be like. His jaw gaped in awe and he froze in place wondering if he had stepped into the Twilight Zone for a second. He was witnessing normalcy for the first time in a year.

He first felt like the patrons were being defiant or the restaurant was but then realized maybe he’s been living in a fearmongering covid bubble in L.A. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt alive again. He and his date sat down to eat, probably having a guilty pleasure for something they used to enjoy on a regular basis: eating out. Probably thinking to themselves, Why do we put up with California anyway? People look much happier here.

Moral of the story: Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles need to go! They are both killing the American dream. Get rid of them ASAP! And if one takes out a student loan, they better damn well pay it off by securing a job once they graduate! It’s part of life.