RHONY Show Has Been Hijacked by a Black Cast Member.

Real Housewives Of New York City: Eboni K. Williams accuses Ramona Singer  of 'gaslighting' | Daily Mail Online
Ramona, disgusted by the politics of the new cast member.

I used to enjoy tuning into a few reality shows, not all of them, but RHONY to see how the rich folks live in NYC. They say reality shows are all fake and scripted but their homes and cars aren’t. When a cast member dies on the show like in Gold Rush, that’s real enough for me. But lately the Housewives casting criteria has become something less than desired.

Last year they chose a single mom living way below the standards of the rich in New York City. But this year they have thrown all criteria out the window. I feel sorry for the remaining cast members of the Real Housewives of New York show. They invited a new black gal to be part of the cast, but she’s never been married just an admitted mistress which makes her unqualified to begin with. It’s called Housewives for a reason, not Single Career Women. All the other gals have been married at some point. The only reason she got on the show was because she is a good looking black lawyer. But what a mouth she’s got on her. She won’t shut up about the election and how great it is that Kamala is our first woman VP much to the other cast members chagrin.

I don’t tune into a reality show to hear their politics as most likely in liberal towns the women will be feminist Biden voters. Don’t care one iota who they voted for. The RHOBH had a celebration party when Biden was announced the winner, but the RHONY are somewhat divided on the subject. My hat’s off to Ramona who is one of the more outspoken of the ladies and can’t be fake (except for her boobs). What you see if what you get. She wasn’t going to be forced into submission by the new black gal and stood up to her nonsense. And she did it on tv. She risks receiving lots of backlash from the feminists and BLM but wasn’t going to kowtow to a loudmouth, pushy, uninformed woman. Good for her.

This new member is a know-it-all that doesn’t know anything. She’s told the other gals that she is the most educated one at the table. Unfortunately that does not alone make you smart. Biden has a law degree too. She’s ruined the show, and I won’t tune in anymore. I can’t stand to listen to her grandstanding. The show ought to be ashamed for allowing her to spew her misguided racist opinions on the show. Another show bites the dust.

In this last episode she was forcing the other women to admit there is racism in America and that those who voted for Trump are white supremacists. Are you kidding me? Little did she know that Trump’s black vote increased in 2020 and that her beloved Kamala colluded with Biden to steal an election. And she’s the most educated one at the table? I…don’t…think…so. She sounded like Michelle Obama. Ungrateful beeches.

It was bad enough when they allowed some lowlife alcoholic chick with a police record on the show arrested for assaulting the police no less. She’s a member of BLM too and has embraced the new black feminist. She’s added nothing but drama with her dirty mouth and skimpy clothing. But she’s a liberal millennial raised in a liberal upbringing and doesn’t know any better.

IMO if they don’t get rid of this new radical cast member, the show will jump the shark and be cancelled. We can cancel stuff too by tuning out. Unless they change the title to The Real Activists of New York.

Now let’s get back to my regularly scheduled programming: politics. Kudos to Trump for suing the Big Tech. Way to go. About time! Hope it sticks and hope the SCOTUS sides with him…this time. Or is the rumor true that they are being threatened that the court will get packed and will do anything to please the left in the meantime? If so, this is a form of blackmail.