During a Shutdown, We Don’t Need Civil Unrest Too!

man wearing gas mask standing beside store facade
Photo by Oscar Chan on Pexels.com

When I turned on the news and saw a city on fire from rioters, I thought Hong Kong is at it again.  But then it wasn’t Hong Kong so must be a third world country.  But wrong again.  It was Minneapolis!  I’m embarrassed of what we must look like in the eyes of other countries. How can these rioters take it this far?

They should be ashamed of themselves!  They have disgraced the death of George Floyd who was killed from excessive force by a rogue officer.  Burning down their town and looting in the name of this man is going too far.  And where are the police and national guard?  Why did authorities allow this to escalate?  Lack of leadership and cowardice.

Fakes News like NBC and CNN are claiming these violent delinquents are protesters.  This isn’t protesting, it’s anarchy.  They compared these delinquents to peaceful business owners in Michigan that just wanted their businesses to reopen.  Delinquents in Minneapolis are using the death of a Black man to burn cars, stores, police station, and loot while chanting “kill white folks.”  The police let them riot and destroy.  The protesters in Michigan didn’t steal, burn, or destroy anything.

These delinquents aren’t burning down their town due to the death of one man.  They are anarchists that look for any reason to claim America is racist.  They could care less if the structures they’re destroying are owned by Blacks.  They like being violent and this is an excuse to congregate in masses and be destructive. And where are their parents in all this violence?  If that was one of my kids doing this, I’d be calling them on their cells and saying, Get your butt home if you ever want to eat again! Poor upbringing.

This all started under the Obama Administration when racist, wingman Eric Holder and some loony governor or mayor ALLOWED these types to show their aggression. Let them be destructive, one said. This was the birth of Black Lives Matter. Then came the birth of kneeling, disrespectful Kaepernick.  His fifteen minutes are up.

Black youth are getting shot everyday in Chicago but no one cares about them.  Why?  Because they are shot by their own. Also Whites are killed and assaulted by African Americans quite frequently but you have to search pretty hard to find out the race of the perp. But when a White officer is involved in a death of a Black man all hell breaks out. I can assure you that more police officers have been shot by Black men than vice versa but no one becomes outraged over that fact.  Just the men in blue and Trump.

White people get arrested everyday and sometimes are treated unfairly too.  They get pulled over and roughed up if they talk back to an officer.  We don’t go out in the streets and tear apart our own city.  If a White man is killed by a cop, it is usually glossed over by the press. Do White lives matter? Do blue lives matter? I guess not.

We don’t know what went down when Floyd got arrested.  It will come out. But remember, he was caught in the process of a crime and it wasn’t jaywalking. But so far this arrest looks far worse than some of the past controversial deaths by police. There is no excuse for the excessive force, but there’s also no excuse for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the rest of the delinquent snowflake pajama boys to get their panties in a wad enough to destroy buildings and cars, loot, and commit arson. They stole Oxycontin from the drug store they destroyed!

What does stealing have to do with protesting racial inequality?  Nothing!   None of this helps their cause.  Thank God they had their covid masks on though.  Mommy must have told them to don one before they left the house with that can of gasoline to commit arson!  Now this unrest is spreading to other liberal cities.  Shocker.  Call George Soros or Gates. There must something underlying going on.

Floyd’s death has been taken over by politics already. This is a Black man killed in a liberal state with a liberal governor and a liberal mayor.  The height of permissiveness prevails. There are a lot of Trump haters there too, so this death must be Trump’s fault or at least the Republicans.  I’m sure it’s what they must think based on some of the delinquents’ irrelevant rants. But possibly their state is being mishandled during the covid crisis by their governor and the youth are angry to begin with.  Maybe this is what they’re really pissed off about and George Floyd’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

brown camel
Photo by Ivan Siarbolin on Pexels.com

I’m sure the press is aggressively seeking information about the officer to find out if he’s a Trump supporter.  It’s the press’s SOP (standard operating procedure) like when they blamed Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooting on Sarah Palin but the shooter was an obsessed liberal fan.

When someone is murdered, the killer must be a Trump supporter.  Wait for it.  If he owns a red baseball cap, that’s all they need.  Conversely, if he’s a Democrat, you’ll hear crickets about his politics. It’s a known fact that Trump supports the police, so he must be to blame.  When in doubt, blame Trump is their mantra.