Biden Blames Trump for Document Dumpster Fire.

Now I’ve heard everything. Big, bad, cornpop, take-you-behind-the-gym Joe was so afraid of Trump coming into the White House after he won the presidency that he and his staff had to exit quickly causing them to pack up his office in such a hurry that they were unaware of what they were packing! Wow! This could be the biggest whopper he’s ever fabricated.

But there may be a scintilla of truth to this. Possibly Biden didn’t want Trump to discover what he was up to as VP as there may have been correspondence that Trump would find once in office exposing Biden for the influence-selling he and Hunter were involved in. So, he purposely removed incriminating scores of correspondence with other countries.

If the leftwing media falls for this “in a hurry” excuse, they are worse than I thought. This is why Hillary had to win in 2016, to cover for Obama and Biden’s dirty deeds. When it was clear that she had lost, they panicked and were caught totally unprepared to leave the White House. Being unprepared is another lame excuse and good reason to never vote for a Democrat again. Who wants a leader that can’t prepare for the unexpected? No one. And why is the media treating him with kid gloves? Rhetorical question again.

They have given Biden the benefit of the doubt since day one, and it’s getting monotonous. Remember Obama’s parting words for his staff including Biden. “We did everything by the book.” Really? If you did, you wouldn’t need to reassure your staff like Valerie Jared and Susan Rice. Notice these gals have been suspiciously quiet lately, but we know they are involved behind the scenes. Notice how they are quietly hinting that Michelle Obama may run in 2024? Is this so Barack can still be in control? Rhetorical question again.

I always thought Barack had an axe to grind, but this is too much. He already controlled Biden and now Michelle? He really does hate this country along with George Soros. They must have been separated at birth in Thailand or wherever Barack was born. Barack is still taking vengeance out for being raised by a single mom after his father deserted them. He hates the family unit and traditional values and will do everything possible to eliminate them along with the U.S. Constitution. Remember his wife said, “the first time I was ever proud of this country was when Barack became president.” These are radicals that live by the Rules for Radicals by Saul Lewinsky. Although Biden was the First Green Activist president, Obama was the First Radical President. And we are still feeling the repercussions today.

He joined the Paris Climate Accord, couldn’t say Radical Islamic Terror, traded terrorists at Gitmo for a known deserter, lied about Benghazi, allowed sailors to be captured by Iran, weakened our military, called several Radical Islamic terror attacks workplace violence, started up racial divide again with the Treyvon Martin story, invested in Solyndra, and destroyed manufacturing in the U.S. saying it would take a magic wand for it to return, and tanking our economy and stock market. Well done, Barack.

I do recall that when the Clintons left the White House, their staff poured liquid on the computers, stole decor, and furniture. They were never held accountable, and Bush didn’t make a big deal about it. It’s the Democrat way when leaving power to leave their calling card behind. No telling how they left it for Trump. Plan B or C by Peter Strzok? So, when you hear Biden blaming Trump for their sloppy exodus from the White House just caulk it up to more “when caught, blame Trump” mantra.

Obama Calls CRT “Phony Trumped-up Culture Wars”…

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at a recent rally for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. Notice how he tried to put Trump’s name in his comment? I see what they are trying to do. Label everything going wrong in Biden’s Administration as “trumped-up, phony stories” and blame Trump at the same time. Just like they’ve tried to blame the border crisis and Afghanistan debacle on Trump. He also went on to say that the story of the girl getting raped by a transgender in her bathroom was “all made up.” So if Obama labels something “made up” it must be? I…don’t…think…so. They can’t blame that on Trump as Biden opened the girl’s bathroom door for transgenders.

Obama lied for eight years while in office and still is. He lied about Obamacare not raising your premiums or keeping your doctor; he lied about the economy not coming back unless we had a magic wand. Well…I guess Trump had the magic wand or touch. And he’s been lying ever since about handing over a strong economy to Trump. Obama can’t have it both ways, the economy was either stagnant or strong. And now they are all lying that Trump handed them a mess at the border!

Remember this? “President Obama in a pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News said that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” behind the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups. “There were some boneheaded decisions,” he said. “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgen of corruption.” The Hill

Well…he lied then and is lying now. He’s desperate to hang onto power even with bumbling Joe at the helm. He is probably pulling the puppet strings for the bag of bones in the White House and doesn’t want to let go. Biden may not be able to talk with much clarity, but he can still make “boneheaded decisions” ordered by Obama. Look at the pork bill Obama is trying to shove down our throats! There’s no honey or sugar that can make this bill go down easily. They’re lying that it will cost zero cents and that it won’t raise the deficit. Do we have “STUPID” written on our foreheads? Maybe some diehard Biden supporters do, but not the rest of us.

So when Obama comes out to stump for any Democrat running, be afraid…be very afraid. He’s lying through his teeth and was never what some thought he was. He’s NOT honest, forthright, or even transparent. Never was. Remember, he orchestrated the spying on the Trump campaign, but said everything they did was by the book. That must be one very corrupt book. Rules for Radicals, maybe? Definitely not The Bible or our Constitution.

Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky - Used (Acceptable) - 0394717368 by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

We’ve got Communism, Marxism, and Socialism all combined in this new administration. It’s whacky, wild, and weird.

Vote the whackos out in 2022. It’s all we have left. Let’s pray they don’t steal another election. But Republicans have to get with it this time around. Outlaw mail in ballots and drop boxes as they are riddled with fraud. Outlaw ballot harvesting. Require voter ID and signatures this time. Get rid of the computers in the voting offices. Get rid of “same day registration,” “early voting,” and “provisional ballots.” If they were too lazy to register, too bad. Old school methods of counting are more accurate and, therefore, honest. Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat more theft and fraud.