Candidates Are Running on the Three R’s.

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And it’s not reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic but Racist, Russia, and Recession!  These Three R words will be repeated ad nauseam until the election.  Recession is becoming the media’s and candidates’ new buzz word.

The Democrats are actually hoping for a recession like Bill Maher suggested, so they can kick out the current resident of the White House.  What kind of candidates would root against our country’s great economic recovery?  “It’s the economy stupid” is real, and they know it.

They actually care more about getting back in power than maintaining a good economy. They think our president is illegitimate since he colluded with Russia (ha ha), so they’ll do anything to take him out.  So when you hear on the news or in the checkout line at the market that we’re heading for a recession, just ignore it.  They want to spread this ugly rumor around so people will panic, sell their stocks, and cause havoc to effect our election.

Six months ago my realtor told me we’re heading for a recession. (Still looking for it.)

I quickly retorted, “No we’re not. We have the lowest unemployment in fifty years.  Where do you hear this crap?”

“From other realtors.”

It’s wishful thinking by Democrats. If the economy tanks, Trump looks bad. They’re listening to fake news and spreading it around to their circle of friends and colleagues so real estate will go down, making Trump’s economy look bad.  So we’ve already debunked Russia collusion and we all know Trump’s not a racist so now we have to quash the recession rumor.  It’s like we’re constantly playing defense against false accusations on Trump.  It’s exhausting.

Message to Trump: Just keep working on our country and ignore The Squad.  They aren’t worthy of your attention. No matter what they say or do, ignore them.  Whenever you tweet something negative about them, you get called a racist and their stock goes up.  They aren’t running for office. Just don’t give them any more attention.  They’re not smart, and we shouldn’t even know their names.  They’re newbies.  But continue to go after the candidates and finish the tariffs, immigration, and healthcare.  Also keep a check on North Korea and Iran.

Obama tells Biden he doesn’t have to run?  “Come on man, you don’t need to do this.” Really?  Oh my, I wonder why? Because he’s already planned to slip his wife in at the last minute and doesn’t want her running against his VP? Don’t be surprised.  Obama’s got something up his sleeve besides his pack of cigarettes.  He wants the cover of being in the White House so they can’t be indicted for their part in the coup d’etat on Trump.  Very devious, Obama.

The candidates need to find something to run on besides the Three R’s.  Why not try running on your Green New Deal? Talk about arithmetic, maybe they should bone up on some math.   Basically, they’ve got nothing to run on aside from lying about Trump.  If the economy is good, take it down is how they roll.

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