15 Questions For This Administration.

In no particular order:

  1. Who’s asking Eli Lilly to come up with a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease at warp speed and why?
  2. Was the sudden decision to send 1500 troops to the border sparked by the illegal alien that just killed a family of five and had been deported five times prior but kept being allowed to return?
  3. Are the 1500 troops too little too late to help stop the invasion at our southern border and more just to appease the voters?
  4. If this administration really wants a closed border, why not do what Trump did and have Mexico stand 10,000 guards on their side and finish building the wall? It’s called Stay in Mexico.
  5. Do you really think raising the interest rate another quarter point will stop the impending recession or just punish those living off credit cards and adjustable mortgages?
  6. Don’t you think this increase will put the final nail in the real estate market?
  7. Why does your administration continue to blame guns for deaths when stabbing deaths are up too? Isn’t it more about illegals, disgruntled youth, and mental illness rather than the weapon they use? Cars have been used too by mass murderers. So has fentanyl.
  8. Why does the press secretary continue to lie about the border saying illegal crossings are down 90%? We all have eyes and no one believes that.
  9. Why is Secretary Blinken lying about corresponding with Hunter while Joe was Vice President? There are emails and whistleblowers proving that Blinken was the impetus for the letter signed by 50 ex-CIA agents stating the laptop had all the earmarks of Russia disinformation. Why should we ever believe what the CIA says again?
  10. How can Mrs. Biden say they’ve never even discussed Joe taking a cognitive test? I just had one (required by law) at my yearly physical and jokingly asked my nurse, “does Biden ever take one?” (Didn’t go over that well. She’s not my audience.)
  11. Why won’t Joe partake in primary debates with those that may want to enter the race in the Democrat Party to replace him as he is clearly suffering from dementia?
  12. Why won’t Joe resign as president since his pay for play schemes over the years are coming home to roost? When Nixon was caught, he resigned.
  13. Why does this administration think they can pawn off old Joe on us for another four years while he is suffering? President Reagan was out of office when he came down with Alzheimer’s. Having an ill president is threat to our country’s safety and economy.
  14. What will this administration do about all the homeless and migrants flooding city streets, hotels, and shelters. This is not a good look for these big cities. It is a health and safety hazard. It has ruined San Francisco and crime is rampant.
  15. Will this administration finally hold criminals accountable for their crimes and keep them locked up so people can park their cars safely in the city, feel safe in their own homes, and walk the streets and subways without being attacked?

Most of the above are rhetorical questions, and I’m sure none of these questions will be asked of Biden as he takes no more than three questions which are all vetted ahead of time with his cheat cards in hand. This president and administration all are in it together. They cover for each other and lie.

Remember when Obama said in his final meeting with his staff, “We did everything by the book.” I think he was referring to the book Rules for Radicals. I wonder what Biden is saying at his staff meetings these days. Maybe it goes something like this, “Deny, deny, deny, and the press will believe it. We have them in our pocket. And keep the pressure on FOX to fire some more anchors.”