Who Really Lost Last Night?

Photo by Gladson Xavier on Pexels.com

America lost as we’re one step closer to socialism if Biden pulls this sham off. Black Lives Matter lost as Trump won in Kenosha. No one cares a crap about BLM. Hollywood lost as Lindsey Graham won and so did McConnell. No one cares a crap about a Hollywood endorsement or their money. Claims of Trump being a racist lost as Trump won Florida in heavily Hispanic areas and increased his Black support.

All the pollsters lost as they predicted huge wins for Biden and it is a razor thin race in five states right now. Feminists lost as no one was rushing to vote for the first woman VP. Raising taxes lost as the GOP maintained the majority in the Senate (we hope). Green energy lost as Trump will win in Pennsylvania. The mainstream media lost as they have egg on their faces for perpetuating a blue wave for Biden.

Mike Bloomberg lost as he spent millions in Florida running ads against Trump. Twitter lost as it censored all negative tweets about the Biden family, yet it got out anyway based on the predicted blue wave looking more like a ripple.

Mail-in ballots lost as proofs in the pudding that it doesn’t work efficiently, accurately, or honestly; and Trump’s going to contest the close races, as he should. The nation learned a lesson yesterday to never try this scheme again. Never, ever. Silver lining. Packing the court lost as the GOP held onto the Senate. The Congress lost as they are stuck with Nancy Pelosi. Hunter lost as his laptop weighed heavy on voters’ minds. The Supreme Court lost as they should have put the kibosh on all of this before we ended up like this.

Antifa lost as they weren’t sure why or where to loot and burn last night. Silver lining. One member could be heard asking, “Why are we mad, I forget?” Covid fear lost as there was record turnout on voting day and not one story on covid. Another silver lining. FOX News lost my respect for the way they called states for Biden and left Trump states hanging always showing him behind. I feel the guys in the election room were biased as they were very dismissive of the questions given to them.

The election system lost as I’ve never seen a more mucked up mess in my life. And these people do this for a living? It’s Barnie Fife like. America doesn’t deserve this, neither does President Trump. It’s the worst sham in American history (among others). The FBI should be sent in to investigate these holdout states and watch over the recounts. But only rank and file FBI, please.

Stay tuned.