Why is the Media Obsessed with Murdaugh Trial?

Who cares about this greedy lawyer that had the walls closing in on him? After he decided to commit familicide on his wife and one son (after being caught red-handed embezzling money from his own company, his wife filing for divorce, and son was investigating him), he obviously lost his mind and killed out of pure anger and hate. His life as he knew it was over and took revenge out on those who didn’t support him. Then he tried to coverup the evidence.

This is a common occurrence in America. Why was this trial shown on cable tv? I would have rather seen the trial of Michael Sussmann who was found not guilty by a jury of his D.C. peers. That affects our lives more than this greedy rich guy.

“Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI, in the first trial of special counsel John Durham’s investigation.

The verdict is a major defeat for Durham and his Justice Department prosecutors, who have spent three years looking for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia probe. He claimed Sussmann lied during a 2016 meeting in which he passed a tip to the FBI about Donald Trump and Russia.

The Sussmann case revolved around his September 2016 meeting with James Baker, a friend who was the FBI’s general counsel. Sussmann passed along a tip that led to a four-month FBI inquiry into a possible internet backchannel between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank. Both companies denied the claim, and the FBI didn’t find any improper cyber links.

Prosecutors argued that Sussmann intentionally lied to Baker by saying he came only as a concerned citizen, and not on behalf of any clients, saying Sussmann hid his ties to Democrats to “manipulate the FBI” and gin up an “October surprise” to help Clinton win.” Wikipedia

Every time I turned on FOX News, I saw this man crying with pundits pontificating and wondered who the hell he was. It wasn’t exactly a Scott Peterson, OJ, or Ted Bundy worthy trial. One, being a double-life killer; another, a jealous-rage killer; and lastly, a serial killer. It wasn’t even Casey Anthony, a mom-gone-wild killer. Those salacious trials had the public’s interest for months and were newsworthy. This rich guy came out of the blue and his trial means nothing to me when our country is going down the tubes with a corrupt president in charge pushing us to the brink of war.

I wish the media cared more about Biden’s crimes than some rich lawyer that tried to get away with familicide. At least he wasn’t killing the country with his daily lies and executive actions. Gregg Kelly of Newsmax agrees with me. Why the hell is this guy’s trial being televised on cable news? I have a sneaking suspicion the obsession with this trial is another smokescreen ordered by the Biden Administration to get the news off his failure to visit the Ohio train derailment, the House’s hearings, and FBI’s and DOJ”S corruption being exposed. And it’s working.

Now today we have to wait with bated breath on how long this guy’s jail term is. He’ll be shiv’d or suicided while waiting for his appeal. Saddest part of this trial was his sole surviving redhead son being left all alone. Moral of the story: Never turn against your wife. It won’t turn out well for you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.