Why Are California and New York Shutdown?

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What’s the real reason? It’s not covid as we already have a vaccine expedited at an historical Warp Speed under the direction of Trump. It’s not a lack of space in hospitals as they had already been given a red cross ship and tents with hospital beds so what’s stopping those from coming back? Nothing if they ask for it.

So why would the governors of California and New York use punitive measures on their citizens? It’s plain and simple: To gain control and power. They want to put small companies out of business so they will become dependent on the government for food and money. But the larger companies (which are Democrats donors) are allowed to stay open. This is the gateway to Socialism: a society of the “Haves and the Have Nots” growing exponentially along with students being kept from school.

Why would mayors ask their citizens to cancel Christmas with their families? It’s not to stop the spread of covid, but rather to stop the spread of news of what Newsom and Cuomo are doing to their states and to quash the talk that is sure to get out regarding the evidence of voter fraud, Hunter’s laptop, and Swalwell’s communist lover. Family gatherings can do what Twitter, Facebook, CNN, and New York Times have suppressed. Governor Cuomo said today that he is on Santa’s “Nice List.” Really? Shutting down your city and putting businesses out of work for nine months and killing off the elderly in rest homes puts him on the “Nice List?” With that thinking, Hitler must have been on the “Nice List.” This man is delusional.

Once people get used to staying home and not going to work (which a lot of them seem to be doing) then comes the dependency on the government for everything from healthcare to childcare to a monthly “stimulus” check. Total control. This is Socialism. Socialism is against our constitution and should never be allowed. It’s the cradle to grave government dependency mentality.

For example, one of my sons allowed his unemployed 30-year-old restaurant worker brother-in-law to move in with them and pay rent while he looks for another job. Trouble is he receives more in unemployment than he got as an assistant chef so he doesn’t bother to look for another job. Plus the restaurants are hit and miss in California, so why bother? This is a problem. How long will this houseguest stay on before he becomes a nuisance? This cradle to grave mentality that Socialists want to live by is not healthy for young people. They need to learn to live on their own and pay their own way. Parents and in-laws are coddling their relatives during these shutdowns and it’s not healthy for any of them.

There are measures to recall Governor Newsom with a petition that is being printed and passed around. It can be downloaded from a computer. https://recallgavin2020.com/download/23097/

The more signatures they get, the more chance for a special recall vote. The same can done for Governor “Nice List” Cuomo if they get fed up in New York. We have to let these governors know that even if we don’t vote in their states, the draconian measures they’re using against their citizens affects the economy across the nation and is the gateway to Socialism.

Also, although I hate protesting, it may be the only means to get the message across. Peaceful protesting these governors’ mansions may send a message. They can’t seem to see or feel the suffering they are causing beyond their own personal political asperations. Both have asperations to become president someday.

And if Biden actually becomes the President, we are all in trouble. Although when Biden got the vaccine shot he actually gave Trump credit for his expediting the research into producing and distributing the vaccine, much to the media’s disappointment. Biden had previously been claiming that Trump was not prepared to disperse the vaccine in an efficient manner. He had to eat those words.

Trump has a few cards left up his sleeve that can overturn what has already been stolen from him. Let’s pray that these cards work, but I have lost all trust in the cowardly courts.

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End the shutdowns in California and New York. Enough already! We will never be a Socialist country!