Things We’ve Always Known but Said Nothing.

When I write “said nothing” I mean we didn’t make a big enough fuss or demand an explanation especially those in elected office or our media.

For the past two years we’ve endured atrocious events that we see in the news but are left helpless to say anything about it for fear of being labeled a racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, anti-science, xenophobic, insurrectionist, or a climate denier by our liberal friends or family. The truth is conservatism, constitutionalists, traditionalists, and common sense have been systematically attacked by the left, the media, and the Biden Administration for two years while they labeled us racists. But much more has been going on.

The school system under Biden has currently and surreptitiously been trying to turn our children into the opposite sex, forced them to wear masks for a year, and shut down schools during covid. This is all child abuse and harmful, but we said nothing. They also tried to indoctrinate our children into believing that they should have white guilt and that blacks are suppressed calling it Critical Race Theory. Talk about reigniting racial discord in our country at a young age, and we said nothing.

Crime against whites has escalated to a fever pitch like I’ve never seen in this country. Young Black hooligans show a total disregard for the lives of whites by the audacious murders in plain sight that they are able to get away with, and we said nothing. A volunteer for Marco Rubio was attacked yesterday with a knife for wearing a Rubio shirt and DeSantis hat and will need facial reconstruction. (Why isn’t Darrell Brooks being held in contempt of court and thrown in jail?)The DA’s in some cities (which were financed by George Soros) are releasing criminals like they are going out of style, and we said nothing. School, mall, and drive-by shootings are also more prevalent and ruthless, but we said nothing. It’s in the news every day but no one wants to talk about it for fear of getting into an argument with a bleeding heart liberal over gun laws.

We’ve also known that the vaccines have not prevented the spread of covid and similarly have had adverse side effects to some people’s immune systems, and we said nothing. We’ve also known that the masks were harmful to those wearing them all day long and also did nothing to stop the spread, and we said nothing. We also know that children should not be getting the covid shot as it has not been tested long enough. Our children will not be ginea pigs for the CDC! And we better say something!

Well…it’s time to speak our minds. The following are also things we’ve known about and said nothing:

In no particular order:

  1. Inflation is the result of overspending and the Biden Administration cutting off fossil fuel drilling, fracking, pipe lines, and permits for drilling.
  2. January 6th riot was incited and planned by Democrat operatives and the FBI.
  3. Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional at the federal level but will not result in making an abortion a crime. Relax feminists!
  4. The border crisis in caused by Biden incentivizing freebies to illegals, and they don’t want to shut it down.
  5. BLM and Antifa crimes were ignored for two years by the left and Whoopie never heard of Antifa. So that says it all. They are extortionists.
  6. There are only two genders: male and female, and there’s no place for men in women’s sports! No place, as they are biologically stronger than women. Relax feminists!
  7. The 2020 election was stolen from Trump and our powers at be refused to investigate.
  8. Fentanyl and covid virus comes from China and is like a bioweapon against us.
  9. The Ukraine war was totally avoidable if Trump were in office.
  10. Joe Biden has always been a cognitive mess and everyone knows it, and we said nothing.

We have thirteen days to speak our minds whenever we get a chance. I started today as I am seeing more and more masks and am wondering why. I proceeded to ask a millenial checker why she still wears a mask. My report will come out soon as I really need to know. Not afraid to ask any more. What are they going to do throw a bucket of mustard on me like they do to museum paintings? Try it.