Critical Race Theory is Code for “White Shaming.”

Biden is requiring that schools now teach CRT to our children. This theory is meant to divide us even more by labeling Whites as oppressors and Blacks as oppressed. Teaching this to our children at a young age only teaches whites to be ashamed of themselves and blacks to fear them. It’s a form of brainwashing.

Children raised in a family where children of color are not discriminated against do not need to have this brought out in the schools. My children of the nineties occasionally brought home a Black friend and we said nothing. Nothing needed to be said. My oldest son went to college orientation with his black friend. Nothing was said. In today’s climate he’d feel shameful and the Black kid would probably not be friends with him. See how this is changing our culture that didn’t need to be changed? Leave well enough alone. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” It wasn’t broken before.

Biden is screwing everything up across the nation. Everything he touches gets ruined. That’s why he is a human wrecking ball. In an interview, Obama dismissed CRT as nothing more than something for the Republicans to complain about. Sure there’s plenty more, but this affects our children, the future of America. We’ve already screwed enough with their heads with climate change, gender neutrality, and BLM being forced on us, we don’t need any more liberal nonsense to screw up our kids.

Let’s stand up for our children and defeat CRT in our schools. It’s not needed and is a method of history revisionism. We were all fine before Biden, Harris, and Obama came along. They have been the Dividers in Chief not Commanders in Chief. Stand up for our children! Go to your Teachers Union meetings and speak out. This is the only way we effect change in their divisive curriculum which comes from the administrators.