Wonder if the Covid Vaccines Have Been a Placebo all Along?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

“What is an example of a placebo?

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A placebo is a fake or sham treatment specifically designed without any active element. A placebo can be given in the form of a pill, injection, or even surgery. The classic example of a placebo is the sugar pill. Placebos are given to convince patients into thinking they are getting the real treatment.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Wonder if Big Pharma, who made tons of money on coming up with the vaccines, gave us nothing more than a placebo to meet the deadlines and agenda of the government and calm down the masses? It seems the vaccines aren’t working that well. Why not? Maybe because they were depending on herd and natural immunity to kick in around the same time as their vaccine rollout and thought they could get away with it. Fauci is tied up with these drug companies as well at Gates. What a way to scam the people and make millions in the process? No wonder they are forcing mask mandates on people whether they are vaccinated or not. Makes sense. Am I being a conspiracy theorist? You bet I am.

Who knows what’s in those vaccines at this point? Can we really trust anyone at this point? They keep telling us the unvaccinated will die this winter but why are vaccinated catching covid at the same rate? Doesn’t make sense. The Democrats have been behind other shams and coverups lately like Benghazi, Russia collusion hoax, Ukraine phone call hoax, Kavanaugh defamation, funding gain of function, spreading global warming fear, origin of covid, election fraud, and insurrection hoax. What is stopping them from a vaccine hoax? Nothing.

“Why don’t people trust the science and scientists anymore?

This is simple: Because many scientists have been caught lying and misrepresenting their data to fit the conclusions they want rather than the facts at hand. Science is often politicized to serve an agenda. This is not conspiracy theory, this is provable fact.” NWO Report

Maybe the vaccines were just their way to keep control of the people by continually instilling fear in them. We know they were hyping up the statistics of covid patients and have been since the beginning of the virus. We know they are hiding the origin of the virus which is the Wuhan Lab by racist-shaming anyone who said the word “China.” We know they are reluctant to use “tried and true” methods and therapeutics starting with hydroxychloroquine. So why is this? Therapeutics that have been tried and true don’t make them money.

Follow the money. Someone is making a ton of money off of covid vaccines, and it’s not just big pharma. When politics collides with science, politics wins. Just like it did with the fudged global warming models they used. Fauci is a political hack not a scientist any longer. He only tells us what the government wants us to know about the vaccines. He never tells us about the possible adverse side effects or the effectiveness of the vaccine. All drugs come with a warning label, but not the covid vaccine. Take it or else lose your job or be kicked out of the military. He also never gives out the statistics of our chances of catching covid or dying from it. Those facts are kept under wraps.

We just found out now that Zuckerberg invested 300 million in phony nonprofit organizations that supplied the drop boxes in critical cities for our last election. What are the chances he also had control of the chain of command of the ballots inside those boxes? Donating to a candidate is not supposed to be a nonprofit organization eligible for write off on our taxes, yet Zuckerberg is able to write off 300 million to sway the election toward Biden? I hope he gets indicted for tax fraud. We have to get him some how, some way.

Bottom line is: The Democrats think Americans are stupid and that they can put just about anything over on us. They have in the past, and there’s nothing stopping them from continuing unless we stand up for ourselves and say, “No to more vaccines and masks. You had your chance and failed. Now we are on our own.”

But what if the vaccine is nothing more than a placebo that the government is forcing on our low-risk five year old children together with mask mandates? Get vaccinated or get kicked out of school. What kind of a country is Biden running? We know how he likes groping and rubbing children, but this is also child abuse. When your doctor asks you to take the booster, tell her you’re on your own and will take your chances.