Candidates: STOP Trying to “Trump Shame” us! It Won’t Work!

dead end road sign
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It’s a dead end! We’ll support, donate, volunteer, cheer, defend, and vote for whoever the hell we want to.  It’s a free country.  We won’t be Trump-shamed into voting for you.  We don’t have Black guilt. We never owned slaves or hurt the Black community in any way. We don’t have gay guilt. We never hurt a gay person in any way. And we don’t have Hispanic guilt for the same reason. So don’t try to say Trump voters are white supremacists, racists, or white nationalists and that Trump is too. It’s getting old and no one believes you. It’s worse than calling us deplorables, and you know how that turned out for your heroine.

We know you’ve made no headway in your campaign and are getting desperate.  This is obvious.  But to try to shame, intimidate, or blackmail us into changing parties or affiliation to you is not going to work.  It’s a dead end. Promising us that when you take back the White House all the divisiveness and anarchy will stop is just blackmail, pure and simple. That’s not a platform to run on.  Telling us that we’re racists if we vote Trump is bullying. That’s not a platform to run on. If anything, it just proves that your party is poor sports and poor losers–you will keep this bad behavior up until you get what you want. That’s the definition of a poor sport or poor loser.  Not our problem. Get some help.

Hollywood just pulled a violent movie soon to be released entitled The Hunt due to the mass shootings. It was about liberal elites on a thrill seeking hunt for “deplorables” to shoot and kill. It was desensitized murder that they categorized as satire. And they say Trump is inciting violence.  Such hypocrites! Conservatives would never produce a movie like that.

You’re desperate.  You’re running out of ideas.  It’s showing.  Mass shootings are not Trump’s fault. They’re the fault of evil people.  But the hateful rhetoric coming from fake news media, movies, and the candidates is fodder for evil.  Stop it!  Stop all of it. You should all be ashamed! It’s embarrassing at this point.  Even the Liberals are embarrassed.

You can’t Trump-shame us into voting for you. It is conduct unbecoming for candidates for the highest office in our land, the POTUS.  So STBleepU!

#Trumpproud #Trumpstrong