Bitch Lives Matter in Manhattan Beach.

In Manhattan Beach while trying to eat his burrito, a gentleman got accosted by a couple of preppy liberal activists for not wearing a mask.  I’d call them yuppies but they didn’t act professional, more like “young urban pain in the asses”. They wouldn’t stop yammering at him behind his back.  All he wanted to do was eat his lunch, but they behaved like an annoying gnat that wouldn’t go away.  They were decidedly the aggressors while this poor man tried to ignore them.  Then out of the blue, the gangsta female threw her coffee in his face and all hell broke out.



The accosted man went after both of them and took them down.  It was two against one.  The girl was slugging him in the face and tearing at his shirt. Then they had the nerve to continue to harass him using vile language while they called the police on him. This is the world we are living in now where the aggressors call the police on the victim.

These two lowlifes were egging for a fight and got it. They messed with the wrong guy. I tell ya, if that was me sitting there on a bench minding my own business without a mask one block from the ocean and two nuts like them accosted me with a drink,  I would have chased the girl down too. No one throws a drink in my face, ever.

People like these nuts need to mind their own business.  Covid doesn’t give them the right to call people out.  They’re not the covid police.  Covid isn’t being spread by fresh air out in the sun.  Wearing a mask under these circumstances is an insult to my intelligence, and I won’t have two activists telling me differently. We need to stand up for ourselves like the gentlemen in this video.  Normally, I don’t condone violence, but this behavior from the left is starting to get on my nerves.  I don’t think I could have refrained either.

Violence is getting out of control everywhere if it has hit Manhattan Beach, normally a sleepy surfer town. The governors of our states need to loosen up the mask rules as it gives nuts like these two license to commit assault on strangers.  Stop the mask mandate. We are all responsible for our own lives.  In life, there are risks we take everyday.  Let us live our lives without being judged by strangers daily.