Staged Kyiv Air Raid Sirens are to Biden as “Landing Under Sniper Fire” was to Hillary.

The air raid sirens that blared while Joe Biden walked down the street in Kyiv, Ukraine with President Volodymyr Zelensky were all staged to make bumbling, tottering Biden look like a brave president on the world stage. How sad. Keep in mind, Zelensky went along with the fake scenario while taking more of our taxpayer’s money. They are two partners in crime. I wonder how much of this money Zelensky has promised to donate back to Joe’s campaign? Like he donated to crooked Sam Bankman’s fund that in turn went to Democrat candidates.

But now Joe and Hillary have similar stories of bravery in a war zone to tell their doting fans. Recalling her trip to Bosnia, Hillary remembered “landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Nice try, Hillary.

But reality is, they both have dirty baggage that they need to overshadow with some stories of bravery while boosting their international and political creds. Even his wife Jill is making the rounds trying to reinvent ol’ stumbling Joe. But as karma is a b***ch, clumsy Joe tripped ascending the stairs to Air Force One on his departure, again. You can’t fool The Man Upstairs, and he is trying to tell the public who Joe is. “Just watch me,” as Joe has ordered. We have, and it is very similar to Hillary: falling, lying, boasting, bloviating, and taking a page out of the Democrat playbook. But Joe has one more page to add: hiding his cognitive decline.

We are onto the Democrat party. They know they have a man in the White House with failing health and can’t replace him with cackling, word salad Kammie; but since Obama and Susan Rice run the country anyway, they will probably keep him. “See Joe Run.” Thus, why they are trying to boost his creds. Sorry Newsom. Unless they replace Kammie with Newsom.

Obama has Joe just where he wants him so he can secretly pull all the strings behind his back. He once even wished he could do such a thing. Hey, Barrack, why not check on your wife and help her with her depression. Remember she was never proud of her country until Barrack became president. She’s not proud any longer and her depression has returned. No wonder they couldn’t handle illegals being relocated to Martha’s Vineyard. They have to keep Michelle happy.

Anyone that tries to run against Joe will soon be taken out by the left. Look out Marianne. Are we stuck with incompetent Joe for six more years? Yes, if they steal another election as he can’t win on his own fake creds.