Sunken Schiff.


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No grounds for impeachment just hearsay, conjecture, presumptions, and a little sour grapes. No high crimes and misdemeanors or bribery or treason or even a parking ticket. The honorable witnesses that came in to testify should be ashamed for being part of this charade. A government official that eavesdrops on our president’s phone call and spreads it to others, is dishonorable.

It was unfair and rude the way Schiff conducted these hearings not to allow ONE witness from the Republican side together with his interruptions and cutting off speaking members with his gavel.  I don’t know how they kept their cool. Total sham, total witch hunt, total disrespect, total set up, total unAmerican, total hoax, total Schiffwreck. Total stain on American History.

I just pray that the sham ends here, and that Pelosi grows a brain or at least a conscience, neither of which she has shown. We know Schiff won’t.

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