Revenge of the Tough Guys.

Nerdy Liberal Brainwashers.

Why is our country being run by two nerds that couldn’t get a date in college so, therefore, one came up with an internet date-rating website called Facebook for college nerds to rate dates afterwards? It’s a long question but it needs addressing. These guys, no girl let them get to first base. Seriously. So they launched websites that have turned themselves into billionaires and are now on a revenge mission to punish the whole country. And the gullibles who got hooked on Facebook and Twitter are not only their bread and butter but their worshipers.

I wasn’t in college then, but I wouldn’t have looked twice at either of them. Sorry Zuckerberg and Twitter guy, you are nerds. Now we have nerds running our country behind the scenes together with nerdy journalists like Cooper, Scarborough, Maddow, Blitzer, Lemon, and nerdy politicians like Schumer, Biden, Gates, Obama, Fauci, Bloomberg, and Nadler and nerdy Hollywood elites like Whoopy, Streisand, Colbert, Kimmel, and O’Donnell. All the tough guys and gals are Republicans like Jordan, Cruz, Paul, De Santis, Stefani, Voight, Eastwood, Watters, and Trump. Since when do the tough guys finish last? They don’t, unless they are robbed like in the last election.

We need to set America straight. We need to reward the tough guys and cancel the nerds. These snowflake, participation-trophy wimps need to experience a taste of reality. These wimps need to feel the pain despite the billions they’ve accrued. No amount of money can buy toughness and charisma which none of them possess. No amount. If we start dropping memberships to their clan, it will hit them in the pocketbook like it hit them in the heart back in college. Get ready for it nerds. It’s the revenge of the tough guys.

Drop Facebook and Twitter! Stop going to the movies or plays. Drop Netflix. Cancel CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC. It’s liberal brainwashing and suppression of the truth. For instance, MSM is praising Biden’s G7 Summit visit while his wife treats him like a toddler in public. “Come on Joe, focus!” She is so full of herself and condescending to him, it’s embarrassing to watch. Can you even imagine Melania saying, “Come on dear, focus!” to Trump? Of course, not!

I know cancelling some of the above is easier said than done. Maybe just don’t tune in as often. They don’t welcome conservatives on their platform anyway. Plan a blackout day for everyone to tune out to all the above. Every little bit helps get across the message that the tough guys are out for revenge. We want to take back our country.

I know this is off the subject buy why hasn’t the U.S. flown into China and dropped a bomb on the Wuhan lab to eliminate any future viruses being created? This lab killed a million innocent people globally. They were going to do it in the movie Outbreak. We would have done it in previous leaderships. Our country is behaving like wimps.