The Insurrection Hoax…

is just the new Russia Collusion Hoax that dragged on for months costing the taxpayer millions of $$$$$ just in order to tarnish Trump’s reputation. Everyone of the members of the Show Trial are Never Trumpers suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just as the jury in Bannon’s trial. Trump associates cannot get a fair trial in D.C., New York, or California for that matter as 90% of the jury of their peers are Democrats. Democrats put Party over honesty.

There is a two-tiered justice system that is for sure. Remember Eric Holder got charged with contempt of court, same as Bannon? Remember Lois Lerner Took the Fifth in front of Congress? Remember Hillary lied to the FBI and Congress? Remember Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok, and Page all lied to Congress? Remember Sussmann who lied to the FBI? Remember Adam Schiff lied during a Senate Hearing? Remember Kamala inciting violence from Black Lives Matter? Remember over five hundred destructive riots committed by BLM and Antifa?

Remember Chuck Schumer threatening two Supreme Court Justices on camera? Remember Maxine Waters threatening anyone working in Trump’s cabinet live on camera? Remember Christine Balsey Ford who lied in a Senate Hearing? Remember Jussie Smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime yet not serving time? Remember the staff of Colbert trespassing at the Capitol? Remember the recent attempted assassination of Congressman Zeldin? And we can’t forget Hunter Biden and all his crimes exposed on his Laptop from Hell

Why is it all the aforementioned never get indicted, charged with perjury, or serve jail time, yet we have hundreds of rally goers from January 6th sitting in jail, Bannon found guilty, Roger Stone found guilty, Navarro arrested for contempt of court, Manafort found guilty, and General Flynn arrested for lying to FBI? What is the common thread? They all supported Trump. The second you say you support Trump, you’re guilty of something. The Democrats won’t be happy until we are all in jail. We committed the crime of voting for Trump.

We are living in communist times, folks. We are being treated like pariahs and one step from being rounded up and jailed by the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party. We have a dictator posing as president. We have allowed illegal elections to occur. The Big Steal was real and The Big Lie was not. The only Democrats ever charged for crimes have been Anthony Weiner, Avenatti, and Michael Cohen. Sacraficial lambs to show that they do arrest their own.

AG Garland is nothing more than a pawn for Biden doing his dirty work of revenge against Trump. Thank God he was never put on the Supreme Court. The Insurrection Hoax is an apropos name for it. Years from now, the truth will finally emerge and journalists for the lame New York Times and others will have to apologize again for “getting it wrong” just as they have for the Russian Collusion Hoax. And they have degrees in journalism! Wow! Even Woodward and Bernstein and have been wrong about Trump and not apologized as yet! But, of course, they are Democrats and Nixon was a Republican so they just are Democrats first and honest second.

The Tale of Two Medias: One that reports on Hunter’s story, and the other that buries the story. Main Stream Media has spent zero minutes on Hunter’s new legal troubles. Zero! Which media would you want to believe? They say that the MSM is just an “arm for the Democrat Party”, but I think it is more than an arm. It IS the Democrat Party–one and the same. When we tune into one of those networks we might as well be listening to Adam Schiff spin one of his fake news stories. Do you think Hunter will be charged and serve jail time? Not while his father is president. He will be given a slap on the wrist and have to do community service at best. All ties to his father’s dealings will be overlooked by our current justice system.

That’s why we have to Take Back The House and Senate in November!